Your Next Go-To Fall Jacket Is $33 on Amazon

Even though fall has officially started, some days feel like summer still — which makes planning your outfit for the day tricky. What does one wear when mornings are mostly chilly and the afternoons feel like you're at the beach? Think layers. On those fall days where it feels like you have to dress for multiple seasons, it's best to start your outfit with your outer layer, a staple fall jacket. Don't have one yet? You're in luck. Shoppers swear by this essential utility coat that's just $33.

If you're new to utility coats, here's a quick recap of their key features. Most of these coats have a waxy texture to them that commonly makes them feel rather stiff, thanks to the blend of materials that helps to keep you protected from inclement weather like rain and snow. The jackets also tend to have a boxy shape and collar. But, thanks to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez reviving the style, these coats have gotten a major upgrade.

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Unlike utility jackets of the past, Amazon's Essentials Women's Utility Jacket has a smooth finish that isn't stiff. That boxy shape? Gone. Instead, the coat has a relaxed fit that is comfortable to wear with all styles. The zip-up jacket also has ample pockets and a drawstring to adjust the waist for your personal shape. Aside from the design features, you can effortlessly care for the coat by throwing it in the wash.

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The modern qualities of the fall coat are capturing hundreds of shoppers — as you read the reviews, you'll see that customers call it a "great" and "perfect fall" jacket. Since the coat is lightweight, it's easy to move in and stays comfortable as you go through your day. Other reviews mention how flattering the fit is and that it remains true to size without feeling too tight.

One five-star reviewer named the piece a "staple fall jacket," adding, "Even though the utility jacket trend is about five years old, it's still super stylish and fashionable. I was expecting the fabric to be a bit stiffer and thick, but it's actually very soft and somewhat thin. It would be perfect for warmer fall or spring days, maybe a cool summer night."

Shop now: $33,

"What a fabulous find! I had been looking for a utility-style jacket for some time that fit well and felt substantial without breaking the bank," another person wrote, adding "this jacket does not disappoint. It feels heavier, yet not stiff, like some other jackets I had tried on in the past."

A final reviewer said that the jacket is "perfect in every way," and added, "This is one of the most flattering jackets I own, and I just feel 'cool' wearing it." If you're in need of a "cool" fall staple jacket, head on over to your virtual shopping cart and add the Amazon Essentials Women's Utility Jacket to your fall rotation now.

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