You’re a record-holder if you can spot five tea utensils hiding in plain sight in less than two minutes | The Sun

WE have absolutely no shame in admitting that we can't function properly before we have our first tea of the day.

But considering how tricky this brainteaser is, we might need another hit of caffeine to even stand a chance of cracking it.

Designed by the team at  Furniture At Work, players are asked to spot the five tea utensils hiding in plain sight in this everyday office scene.

Along with a mug, you're also looking for a bottle of milk, a bowl of sugar lumps, a jar of tea-bags and a single spoon.

According to the creators, the average person takes two minutes and 35 seconds to find all five.

But if you can manage it less than one minute and 46 seconds, you'll be the new record holder.

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So how well will YOU perform?

If you're anything like us and struggling to find even one, it's worth concentrating your search around the three larger shelves.

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Once you're looking there, make sure to closely study some of the plant pots – you might just spot one or two of the utensils you need to make the perfect brew.

What's more, the teabags are without a doubt the easiest object to find as they're hiding in a labelled container.

But if you ask us, the spoon is the hardest one to spot – just based on the size of it.

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In other words, it'll come as no surprise that we didn't beat the record this time.

So how well did YOU do?

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