You're cleaning your bathroom all wrong – the best way uses simple products and can be done in just 10 minutes

IT’S NOT always easy keeping up with your to-do list, and if you notice your cleaning routine suffering, an expert says she has a fix.

Cleaning expert and TikToker Neat Caroline revealed exactly how she cleans her entire bathroom in no more than 10 minutes.

“If you’re super busy and cleaning your bathroom is low on your priorities, here’s how to clean it in 10 minutes flat,” Caroline said at the top of the video she shared with her 53,000 followers.

First, she cleared the entire countertop and put any items on it into a holding bin so she could wipe down the uncluttered surface.

“I go in with an all-purpose spray, which is warm water and dish soap,” she noted. 

Caroline left the spray to sit on the counter and then moved to the shower door.

She also left the spray on the door to let the cleaner soak up any grime.

“While that’s sitting, I head over to my toilet and pour about a half a cup of vinegar in and around the rim,” she explained.

“While I give that a soak, I grab my wastebasket and dump it in the trash.”

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Then, Caroline went back to the toilet and cleaned it with her multi-purpose dish soap spray. 

Afterward, she returned to the countertops and shower doors to wipe them down and then scrubbed the toilet. 

Following the toilet, she took a fresh rag to touch up the faucets, sinks, and bathroom mirrors with a solution of one part vinegar and one part water, as she said the cleaner “really tackles hard water stains.”

Last but not least, she mopped the floor and worked her way out of the room to prevent herself from tracking dirt onto the freshly cleaned floors.

And if you don’t have time to scrub your bathroom down at all, another cleaning guru shared her recipe for “lime power balls,” which are meant to keep faucets and drains clean between routine sanitizations.

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