You’ve been cleaning your mirrors all wrong – the 2p hack to getting them streak-free every time

GETTING your mirrors to their sparkling best can feel like an impossible task.

Well not anymore, as cleaning expert Melissa Maker shares her best tip for cleaning your mirrors and giving them a winning shine.

Melissa, from Toronto, shares her cleaning tips with her 120k Instagram followers and 1.85 million YouTube subscribers.

She once hated cleaning but now runs her own cleaning business called Clean My Space.

All you need for this 2p cleaning tip is the tiniest amount of baking soda.


The white powder is perfect for removing any unwanted 'stickiness' or random 'residue' from your glass surfaces.

Melissa says to dampen a microfibre cloth and to add a sprinkle teaspoon of baking soda or about 2p worth.

Then use an "S pattern" from the top to the bottom of the mirror to clean the area.

Finally, give the glass a rinse or wipe down to remove the baking soda residue.

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Baking soda is one of Melissa's favourite cleaning products as she told viewers that Youtube is her "favourite inexpensive cleaning product."

A tub baking soda is cheap and appears in a lot of her baking soda cleaning hacks that will have your entire home sparkling.

In a recent YouTube video Melissa said: "Baking Soda is one of the most useful cleaning substances on the planet, whether you're looking to deodorize an area, or add abrasion to a cleaning solution, brighten and whiten almost anything or wash, scour and clean a bunch of things around your home!"

Melissa explained that: "The baking soda, that first step, is going to help to lift off any of that sticky stuff that would otherwise make your glass dirty and look or feel streaky.

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