You’ve been washing your wine glasses wrong – how to make them fit in the dishwasher when you thought they didn’t

LOADING a dishwasher can be a tricky job, as you try to squeeze everything in so that you can cut down on washing up time. 

And there’s nothing more frustrating than when one of your wine glasses is unable to fit on the top shelf so you have to clean it the old-fashioned way.

But now has revealed a handy hack that will change that process forever – as there’s actually a very simple way to make them fit.

In a new video posted to the brand’s Instagram account, they reveal that you can actually adjust the height of the shelves inside the dishwasher. 

Therefore, it’s easy to move it down one so that your wine glasses go into the newly available gap.

In the video, they demonstrate how quickly and seamlessly it can be done, writing: “Do your wine glasses not fit in the dishwasher? 

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“You can actually adjust the height of your tray. Just move it down one to make room for your wine glasses. Ta-da.” 

As social media followers reacted to the home revelation, many said they couldn’t wait to try it out for themselves. 

Others said they’d already tried and tested. One impressed person commented: “I actually did know that. And I lowered it exactly for that reason.”

Meanwhile, someone else who had tried the trick previously gave an additional hint to make sure every item comes out clean and gleaming.

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They wrote: “Just be careful doing this – most dinner plates are tall enough to stop the arm under the top shelf from spinning when it’s lowered, so not everything gets washed properly.”

This comes as experts at AO revealed the other common mistakes people make when stacking their dishwasher.

In another video, which attracted a lot of attention, they revealed the errors, including putting glasses in the wrong place and why you shouldn’t pre-rinse your plates and cutlery.

The short clip explained: “Don’t rinse your plates. Pre-rinsing means detergents can’t attack any food so it goes after glasses and makes them cloudy.

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“Glasses should be placed in between the lines, not over them.”

They also went on to say that they have noticed that plates are frequently put in the wrong position, adding: “All dishes need to face the center sprayer.”

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