$2,020 Tip Challenge Morphs Into $2,021 Challenge Thanks to Generous Tippers Across the U.S.

At the start of 2020, some lucky restaurant servers across the country were flabbergasted by generous tips totaling a whopping $2,020 (like the year). And now, the trend is continuing on into the new year — with an extra dollar.

The trend, known as the "2020 Tip Challenge" quickly gained momentum last year as celebrities like Donnie Wahlberg continued spreading kindness throughout the year, especially during one of the hardest times for the restaurant industry.

With the hospitality and restaurant industry still struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 Tip Challenged has morphed into the "2021 Just Be Nice Challenge" which encourages people with the financial means to give away $2,021 to local businesses.

Miami Squeeze, a family-owned juice bar and restaurant located in North Miami Beach, was one of the first places to benefit from the feel-good challenge. A regular at the establishment left a $2,021 tip on her $71.84 bill with a note saying "Happy New Year!!! Always love coming here."

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"We can't even begin to express how thankful and humbled we are for our amazing customers who have kept us in business," Miami Squeeze said in a post of the receipt on their Instagram page. "Last year was a tough year for everyone so we're so grateful to be able to start this new year like this. At Miami Squeeze we want you to see us as part of your family, the Squeeze Family. We are so blessed to have guests like these, who go above and beyond to support our small local business."

Other restaurants across the U.S. have also been fortunate recipients of the tipping challenge. According to Vail Daily, a family of three left a $2,021 tip on a $300 tab at Vin48 in Avon, Colorado.

"They left $1,100 for the kitchen, and $900 for the front of the house," Collin Baugh, Vin48 co-owner told Vail Daily. "And they wrote, 'Great vibe and great service. Happy New Year!'"

J.W. Filmore's restaurant in Petrosky, Michigan also lucked out. The Detroit News reported that a server was left a $2,021 tip on a $44 dollar order with a note saying, "JBN Tip Challenge, Just Be Nice, 2021 Happy New Year."

After the rollercoaster year that was 2020, we hope that this kindness challenge continues throughout the entirety of 2021.

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