All J.Lo Wanted After Her Super Bowl Performance Was A Doughnut, And Honestly Same

  • Alex Rodriguez filmed a BTS video of fiancé Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl halftime show.
  • In the video, J.Lo reveals that she has a craving for a donut after her performance.
  • She also said that doing the performance “felt like flying.”

Jennifer Lopez, 50, is still coming off the high of her epic Super Bowl performance with Shakira (and her daughter Emme) a couple weeks ago. And J.Lo’s fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, is most definitely still her number one fan. The former Yankees player has documented everything from her Super Bowl practices to the performance itself (he even had a small role in the show).

And now, A-Rod’s posted a video on his YouTube showing what went down on Super Bowl Sunday leading up to J.Lo’s halftime show and what happened immediately after she got done with her performance. Turns out, as soon as she got off stage, Jenny from the block had a major craving for something from the bakery: a doughnut.

But before she gave into that sugar crush, J. Lo snuck in a morning workout before heading to the stadium, because J.Lo. (Btw, all her workouts leading up to the big show were INTENSE.)

After nailing the halftime show, Jennifer—through happy tears—said, “Thank you, God, for this blessing. We did it!”

Then, as she’s heading back to her trailer, hugging her family, J.Lo said, “I want to cry right now, give me a doughnut, give me a doughnut! They said if I did good, I could have a doughnut.” (Considering just how amazing her performance was, J.Lo deserves a whole baker’s dozen. Someone get this woman a donut!)

She went on to open up more about how she felt during the performance.”It felt like flying. Every time I did it in rehearsal, it was so hard,” Jennifer told Alex. “It was hard, but my adrenaline must have been at 150 because, honestly, I felt like a feather. I wasn’t even breathing hard. It was crazy. I just didn’t feel any wind at all. Everything was so easy!”

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