Brad Pitt Sports a Laid-Back Look in His First-Ever Ad Campaign for Miraval Rosé

Brad Pitt makes producing wine look easy.

For the first time since he began making rosé with his ex, Angelina Jolie, the Hollywood superstar has posed for an ad campaign to promote their estate rosé — and PEOPLE has an exclusive first look.

Capturing the "Spirit of the Riviera," the photo shows Pitt, poolside in a decidedly laid-back mood, enjoying a lounge chair for all its worth. The stylish black and white portrait was made by Los Angeles fashion photographer Lachlan Bailey and celebrates the upcoming release of Miraval Rosé's 2020 vintage.

The wine will arrive on U.S. shelves on Feb. 1.

Brad Pitt Previews His New Limited Release Rosé Champagne: It 'Isn't a "Celebrity" Wine for Me'

While Pitt has been producing rosé from the Miraval estate in Provence since 2012, this is only the second time he's posed alongside one of its four wines. 

Last August, he shared photos with PEOPLE for the brand's newest addition: Fleur de Miraval, a rosé champagne created by the demanding "saignee" method. 

"For me," he explained to PEOPLE, "champagne conjures up feelings of celebration, quality, prestige, and luxury. But rosé Champagne is still relatively unknown. Backed by our success with Miraval in Provence, I wanted us to try to create the defining brand of rosé Champagne, focusing all our efforts on just this one color." 

Limited to a first edition of 20,000 bottlings, Fleur de Miraval sold out in 48 hours.

The 2020 vintage of Miraval Rosé continues the high standard that Pitt, Jolie and their partners, the Famille Perrin, established and which has won their rosé acclaim from professionals and amateurs. In the bottle, the wine displays its familiar vibrant shade, a pale rose petal. In the nose and mouth, there is the aroma of fresh fruit, red currants, fresh rose and lemon zest. It retains the distinct mineral quality of limestone soils. It is a refined wine that finishes with long, lemony notes.

All About Brad and Angelina's Château Miraval (Yes, It Has a Moat!)

Pitt and Jolie found the 1200-acre Miraval property outside the village of Correns in 2008 (they finalized the purchase in 2012). Miraval boasts over 75 acres dedicated to cultivating Rolle, Grenache and Syrah grapes — and 26 acres dedicated to olive production. Both pursuits continue the strict organic agricultural methods already practiced when the couple acquired the property. 

Though their 2016 separation fueled speculation they would put their French estate up for sale, sources have consistently told PEOPLE they remain committed to the property, viewing it as an investment for their six children.

"Nothing has changed in relation to this view," one source confirmed to PEOPLE," it is for their children."

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