Brewery debuts Dole Whip-flavored beer that allegedly tastes like the popular Disney treat, immediately sells out

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Our days of drinking booze directly out of a hollowed-out pineapple may soon be over.

First Magnitude Brewing, a craft brewery in Gainesville, Fla., has recently debuted a beer inspired by — and allegedly tasting like — the popular Dole Whip treats served at Disney parks, the Dole Plantation in Hawaii and select other locations.

Dole Whip Sour, as it’s called, is reportedly brewed with “actual Dole Whip mix,” presumably obtained from the Dole Food Company. The recipe also calls for pineapple puree and milk sugar, and results in a beer that tastes “just like” a Dole Whip soft serve.

“This beer is a creamy, dreamy sour that isn't too sweet or tart, it's just the right balance and is packed with pineapple goodness!” First Magnitude touts on Instagram.


Unfortunately, the Dole Whip Sour, which was first available for sale on Aug. 12, sold out within days of its debut, the brewery confirmed on Facebook. And while there are no plans to brew another batch “at the moment,” First Magnitude revealed that they “may do more in the future.”

“I need some of this in my life!!” one fan on Facebook wrote.

“Not to be dramatic but I would sell my soul if you could get this in Ontario!” another Instagram user claimed.

According to the brewery, Dole Whip Sour "tastes just like" the Dole Whip treats served at Disney parks.
(Walt Disney World)


First Magnitude, meanwhile, is currently taking online orders for its in-stock offerings, for curbside pickup at their taproom. But, as of Thursday morning, the brewery’s Dole Whip Sour has yet to reappear among its offerings.

In other words, don’t throw out your hollowed-out pineapples just yet.

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