Burger bar sells six patty Biscoff cheeseburger for dinner and dessert in one

Ever wanted to fit your dessert and your main into one easy, time-saving meal?

Well now you can, with this restaurant’s 4,184-calorie Biscoff buscuit cheeseburger.

This burger, which will also equip you with two days’ worth of calories in one fell swoop, includes six savoury meat patties layered in between melted cheese and sweet Biscoff spread.

The burger is also served with a layer of bacon and a Lotus biscuit nestled lovingly on top of the bun.

This behemoth burger was created by Tom Hope, 33, who wanted to combine sweet and salty flavours make something a bit different for diners at his burger bar.

His efforts seem to have paid off, as the Biscoff burger is a best-seller at the eatery – called The Stripclub – with Tom claiming that over 95% of burger fans like the meaty caramel combo.

Tom, from Solihull, said: ‘We put it on the menu as a special and we haven’t been able to take it off since.

‘It’s the perfect marriage of the sweet and savoury and works so well.

‘Some people will come up and ask what it’s all about and decide to try it – and they’re shocked when they realise it’s a great burger.

‘It’s similar to salted caramel because it hits both sweet and savoury notes in your mouth, making it doubly as good.

‘It does split the pack though and is either a love it or hate it situation.’

All told, the burger contains two large lumps of Biscoff spread, six aged beef patties, ten rashers of maple smoked bacon, 12 American cheese slices and four crushed Lotus Biscoff biscuits.

These unique fillings are all combined into a steamed brioche bun and topped with a full Biscoff biscuit for good measure.

The £9 burger first hit plates as a part of a special launch in January 2020 before becoming a staple on the menu alongside the more ‘normal’ savoury burgers.

Tom added: ‘I think it’s become a best seller because it’s all about the novelty of trying something new which actually works – but you’d never think to put it together at home.

‘Primarily, our business is based on doing the best flavour and quality of burgers as possible so we wanted to create another quality burger.

‘A few people say that you can’t ruin a standard burger but others are blown away at how the flavours in the Biscoff burger work together.

‘Online, a lot of people say it looks fantastic so we get an incredibly positive response when we post pictures of it.’

To see more bonker burgers, you can check out Stripclub Streetfood’s Instagram on @stripclub_streetfood.


  • 2 tbsp Biscoff spread = 584 calories
  • 6 aged beef patties = 1,320 calories
  • 10 rashers maple bacon = 900 calories
  • Sesame brioche bun = 230 calories
  • 12 slices American cheese = 960 calories
  • 5 Biscoff biscuits = 190 calories

Total = 4,184

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