Chef says boiling bacon is the key to getting it perfectly crispy

A portion of perfectly crispy-yet-chewy bacon is a wonder to behold.

Whether it’s sandwiched between two slices of bread or part of a fry-up, bacon has been a weekend saviour for many people over the years.

And there are a few ways you can go about cooking the humble rasher – be it frying or grilling.

But a chef has shared another lesser-known technique for getting crispy bacon – and it involves boiling the meat.

Sure, it sounds a little counterintuitive, but chef Roice Bethel is adamant this method helps get the perfect consistency.

Sharing his controversial hack on TikTok, he says: ’If you want perfectly crispy bacon you have to boil it. I know that sounds like it wouldn’t work but it does.’

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Roice explains that in order to get the perfect rasher, you have to pay attention to the make-up of it.

Bacon fanatics will know that any slice features darker meat and fat. Obviously, the quantities of this will vary depending on whether you have streaky or back bacon.

He says: ‘There’s two parts to every piece of bacon, there’s the muscle which is the dark part and the fat which is the white part.

‘The muscle cooks extremely quickly, the fat takes a longer time to render out.’

To avoid this, he says you can add water in when the cooking meat – as this prevents the temperature from getting too high, and gives the fat enough time to render.

This means the muscle and fat will take the same amount of cooking time, and your bacon will be evenly crispy (in other words, perfect).

Roice adds: ‘Once the water completely evaporates then the bacon gets nice and crispy, the meat’s not overcooked or burnt and the fat has perfectly rendered so it’s nice and crispy.’

Sounds simple enough, but the real question is: will you be trying it?

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