Chef’s ‘easy’ technique to make the ‘most perfect poached egg’

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Some people avoid making poached eggs because it can easily go wrong, leaving them with a swirling mess in a saucepan of water. But, there are a few ways to make the perfect poached eggs that require very little effort.

If you prefer making poached eggs the traditional way, pastry chef @half_batch_baking revealed the science behind eggs and how to perfect a poached egg.

The chef has cracked an egg onto a plate to discuss the layers inside an egg. She said: “The egg white, also known as the albumen.

“There’s an outer albumen of narrow fluid that lies next to the shell and a thicker inner albumen which serves to keep the yolk centred.

“In high-quality eggs, the inner albumen will spread less,” she noted.

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“For perfectly poached eggs without any flyaways,” you need to remove the thin outer fluid.

To do this, @half_batch_baking used a fine sieve and quickly cracked the egg into it. Only the outer fluid drained through the sieve, the thicker inner albumen and yolk remained. Transfer the egg to a cup or ramekin.

“Then place four cups, and it’s important that it’s four cups of water in a saucepan and add one tablespoon of vinegar,” the video continued.

“Bring the water to a boil and then turn down to low heat. Slowly lower the egg into the water – I like to use a ladle.”

For soft boiled, keep the egg in the water for three minutes, for soft to firm boiled, four minutes.

After the time was up, the egg was removed from the water and sliced open to reveal a bright orange, runny yolk. It was also perfectly formed with no scraggly edges.

Some commented on how the egg can taste of vinegar, but this method works just as well without adding vinegar to the water.

One commented: “That’s the most perfect poached egg I’ve ever seen.”A second wrote: “Just made my first poached egg using your video! So easy!” A third said: “The shape on your poached egg is amazing!”

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Those thinking @half_batch_baking’s method is a little too complicated could try @lifeofachefmom technique which involves no saucepan or boiling water.

@lifeofachefmom on Tik Tok captioned her video: “This video made me go viral. I did get a lot of hate for it but I’m thankful for the followers I grew from it. This was an egg recipe that I enjoyed.”

In the video, the chef has placed a single egg in a small glass ramekin.

She explained: “I just loved poached eggs and was so excited when I saw this trick

“You need to take boiling hot water – I use my electric kettle which is super easy.

“Pour it over your egg and let it sit covered [in cling film] for 11 minutes.

“Once that time is up, give it a crack [to remove the egg from its shell] and there you go – creamy, velvety, the perfect poached eggs.”

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