Costco Is Bringing Back One of Its Most Popular Food Court Items & It Has a New Twist (Literally)

Grabbing a long, sugary churro at the end of your Costco haul used to be a tradition for most. Unfortunately, it’s been almost a year since we sunk our teeth into one of Costco’s greatest creations because along with a lot of other food court items, Costco removed churros back when the pandemic first began. But it looks like we may be getting our favorite grocery snack back soon and this time, it comes with a twist.

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Costco fan account @Costcobuys posted a picture of a sign introducing the new Costco churros a few hours ago. While the sign doesn’t say when exactly churros will be arriving back in stores, there are two big differences separating these churros from the originals.

First, your beloved churro will now cost $1.49 instead of $1. Second, whereas the original churros were covered in straight grooves, these new churros will be twisted.

Back in August, Reddit was abuzz with rumors of a new and improved Costco churro. It was said that the new churros would be bigger and that the recipe was still being tested at a California-based Costco warehouse. The Reddit post also indicated the price for these new and improved churros would cost you $0.49 more. The price part turned out to be true but we can’t really tell from the picture if these new churros will be bigger than the originals. Although for $0.49 more you’d think they’d add a little extra, right? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

While we wait for the churros to return to Costco food courts, we’ll be busy trying out the new strawberry-filled brioche that’s been spotted at Costco warehouses lately.

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