Costco’s 6-Piece Taco Set is Perfect for Taco Tuesday & It's Under $20!

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Taco night is about to get a lot more fun! Costco is selling a melamine taco set that has everything you need to make your home feel like your favorite Mexican restaurant — and it’s only $19.49!

Instagram user @costcoaisles posted a video of the Prepara 6-Piece Melamine Taco Set at Costco: “Check out this taco set from Costco,” they wrote in the video. “It is perfect for your taco night.”

This set comes with four taco holders, which help keep all the toppings assembled in your taco before you eat it. It also comes with a multi-section tray, which you can fill with things like refried beans, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, cheese, queso, salsa, and/or tortilla chips. Finally, it has a 10-inch round tortilla warmer. All of these pieces feature a matching blue pattern, decorated with colorful flowers. It’s so cute!

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People are excited about this set, with one person commenting, “Awww. I need this for my taco nights! I hope we get it!” Another wrote, “What a fun set! Can’t beat that price for 6 pieces.” Set this up for a festive Taco Tuesday celebration!

Can’t make it to Costco — or don’t yet have a Costco membership? Here are similar items you can buy on Amazon.

Prepara Multiple Taco Holder – $9


This Prepara taco holder
is designed with vibrant flowers and holds two or three tacos for you, depending on which side you set it up. It’s made from durable melamine and works with soft or hard taco shells.

Prepara 3 Sectional Tray – $19.99

Arrange guacamole, salsa, and queso in this Prepara tray
, for easy access on your dinner table. It’s decorated with a floral pattern in the center of each section of the melamine tray, with a cute yellow border.

Prepara Tortilla Savor – $29.50

Keep your tortillas warm in this Prepara tortilla holder
, which holds up to 16 corn or flour tortillas at once! This melamine container is bright red with a lid to hold in heat. Simply take it off when you’re ready to eat.


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