Costco's Preassembled Easter Baskets Are the Easy Holiday Hack Parents Need This Year

Easter is full of many things: Easter egg hunts, egg dying and, of course, opening the basket from the Easter Bunny. It is never too early to start stocking up on all your holiday needs. Although Easter may be over a month away, prepping ahead of time is never a bad idea. It can take away the awful stress of last-minute shopping. No parent enjoys rushing to different stores the night before to gather candy, stuffed bunnies, and fun toys to fill those baskets perfectly. I mean, parents have been through enough during the past 10 months. They deserve a little stress-free holiday planning this year more than ever before and Costco has done exactly that with their preassembled Easter baskets. They’re only $20 and they are oh so cute.

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The popular Instagram account @costcosisters shared the find with followers writing, “Check out these new Easter tote bags we spotted!🐣 It’s a hard choice between these totes or the baskets! 👜🧺 They’re too cute!🤩

These baskets (which are really adorable tote bags) are great because they can easily be reused as a toy basket for the kids, or they make a great beach bag.

So what’s inside? Not only do these contain a chocolate bunny but they also have chocolate eggs, airheads, gummies, smoothie bars and so much more. There is no doubt that your children will love these and their delicious treats. Sure, this isn’t the healthiest basket, but isn’t part of the Easter fun that sugar rush you get from biting into that big, chocolate bunny?

Head to your local Costco to pick these up, because we have a feeling these candy-stuffed Easter totes are going to sell fast.

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