Eli, Peyton and Dad Archie Manning Wear Matching Pajamas in Fun Frito-Lay Super Bowl 2021 Ad

Those sibling rivalries apparently continue on into adulthood.

In Frito-Lay's new 2021 Super Bowl commercial, Peyton and Eli Manning — and their dad Archie Manning — join a bevy of past NFL greats to snack on their favorite chips ahead of the big game.

After an intro from ad narrator Marshawn Lynch, the former quarterbacks are having an intense football toss while wearing matching pajamas in a rec room.

Dad and fellow NFL alum Archie, 71, wanders downstairs in his robe, scolding his sons, who take turns pointing fingers at each other as the culprits for the toss-caused damage to the room.

"Don't be scared of the ball," Eli, 40, then ribs his brother, 44.

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"I think it's always fun when you get to film a commercial with your brother and your dad," Eli tells PEOPLE of the ad spot. "So thankful for Frito-Lay bringing us together and having us do something that was kind of natural. Just playing a little game of burnout is what we called it."

Archie notes that it was nice to get to spend time with his sons for the spot amid the pandemic, as "we've pretty much stayed close to home here in New Orleans and Peyton's been in Denver and Eli up in New Jersey. So we all met out in L.A. And that was fun to get to see them."

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Eli says that he didn't even need a special wardrobe for the commercial, as he already owned his jammies. "It was kind of embarrassing that Peyton and I had matching pajamas, coincidentally," he admits.

The former New York Giants quarterback — who retired one year ago in January — says that while he and his brother do rib each other, they obviously don't "still live together and have a basement playroom."

"That was once a reality and it's fun to jump back into that role and like my dad says, it is always fun to do a commercial with your brother and with your dad," he adds. "The downtime in between you can ad-lib a little bit more."

Other athletes featured in the full-length, two-minute " 'Twas the Night Before Super Bowl" ad include Troy Aikman, Jerry Rice and Joe Montana, as well as Terry Bradshaw and Jerome Bettis.

Both Mannings didn't struggle to name their favorite Frito-Lay chip when asked. Like in the commercial, Eli sticks with Lay's, which he tells PEOPLE "go well with sloppy joe's." Though, he noted, "I'll never turn down a Dorito."

For Archie, he snacks on Cheetos. "Over at my grandchildren's house, they got the little packs. So I'd get a choice and I grab the Cheetos. I go for the Cheetos," he says.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs are facing off at Super Bowl LV on Sunday in Tampa. The game will air on CBS at 6:30 p.m. EST on Feb. 7.

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