Hey, Quick Question: Are These Pasta-Stuffed Sandwiches Disgusting or Delightful?

An Italian restaurant called Amano Las Vegas is causing quite the stir with a new menu item aptly dubbed the Fat Baby. Essentially a giant sandwich stuffed with pasta, the carb-centric dish starts with a hollowed-out, garlic-oil-brushed hero that’s positively loaded with your choice of sauce and pasta, such as fettuccine alfredo, penne alla vodka, or classic spaghetti. Oh, and each sub is also topped with a generous serving of melted cheese and more sauce that oozes over the edges. Phew, simply thinking about it has me needing a nap!

Amano’s Fat Baby has garnered a bit of buzz since it was introduced to the menu last month, thanks to Instagram-famous foodies and a This Is Insider video highlighting how it’s made. The internet can’t seem to come to a consensus about the pasta-filled subs, though. While some feel they’re simply too much to handle, others are fully on board with the carb-loading mashup. Is your body ready for the Fat Baby? Take our poll below, and then keep reading to see more drool-worthy photos customers have shared so far.

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