How to make the tastiest screwdriver cocktail

Have you got that Friday feeling yet? 

There’s nothing like ending the working week with a cocktail (or three), especially when there’s a sunny weekend ahead.

Not to mention, today is World Cocktail Day – and what better way to celebrate than cleaning out your shaker and having a DIY cocktail session in the garden?

The screwdriver is the ultimate easy Friday cocktail to get you in the mood for summer.

One of the world’s first vodka-based cocktails, the screwdriver got its name when American oil workers in the Persian Gulf added vodka to their orange juice while working. 

They had no spoons to stir their concoctions so, instead, resorted to stirring with a screwdriver. 

Et Voila! The humble screwdriver cocktail was born. 

But it wouldn’t be a real cocktail if you didn’t add a little bit of a twist, would it?

How to make the perfect screwdriver cocktail

Tommy Cummins, Head of Drinks Development at The Umbrella Workshop, Shoreditch, has created the Aqua De Valencia, which is a “kind of riff on a screwdriver.”


  • 30ml vodka (Tommy recommends Vestal Vodka)
  • 30ml gin (Tommy recommends Killowen Gin)
  • 70ml fresh blood orange juice 
  • 10ml sugar syrup at a ratio of 2:1
  • 70ml sparkling wine (Tommy recommends Yves Duport- Originelle)


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