How to order the 'secret' KFC hash brown Double Down here in the UK

From Starbucks to Nando’s, every chain worth their salt has ‘secret menu items’ that only the initiated know how to order.

The latest to come out of this is from KFC, who has launched a new type of burger that’s only available on their app in Australia.

Customers who want to try the $7.95 Zinger Tower Double (which looks more like the UK’s Double Down with some additions) can order the item by selecting your nearest store, tapping ‘order’ and when the menu appears, dragging the screen down.

The burger has two Zinger fillets as the ‘buns’, with a hash brown, a slice of cheese, and a tangy tomato sauce in the middle.

Here in the UK, the Double Down isn’t available right now, but you can still order certain items to recreate this Zinger Tower Double Down creation.

The best way to recreate it is to start by ordering a Zinger Stacker Burger meal.

This one has the double spicy chicken, the cheese, and a sweet chilli sauce that’ll mimic the tang of the tomato sauce.

Remove the buns and add in your fries to the middle to mimic the hash brown, and you’re in Double Down town.

Alternatively, you could order a boneless banquet meal, using your dip option to get a Real Tomato dip, and add a slice of cheese into your comment section (hopefully the staff at the store will pop one in for you).

Then do the same with the chips and you’ve got yourself a UK version of a new classic.

Hash browns are currently off the menu in Britain, as KFC is running a reduced menu to accommodate social distancing.

When we’re back to normal, hopefully hash browns (and limited items like the Double Down) will be back too.

Until then, getting creative with our orders is the best way to level up our fast food.

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