In Honor of National Drink Wine Day: The 9 Best Wine Clubs, Based on Your Drinking Style

Time for a Toast

We know, we know — there’s a “National Holiday” for everything these days. But National Drink Wine Day is one celebration we can definitely get behind — and with the help of these wine clubs, it’s never been easier to get your favorite vino delivered directly to your doorstep.

Whether you’re looking for your go-to pinot noir or to expand your palate with a funky natural wine or small-batch Champagne, there’s a club for every kind of wine lover. We’ve rounded the best of them up here for you so you can skip the research and get straight to imbibing. Cheers to that!

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For the Fizz Fiend

Rather than saving Champagne for special occasions, fatcork encourages you to create those occasions just by popping open a bottle. As an exclusively grower Champagne club  — meaning they only import and distribute bottles from small producers who grow their own grapes — they know a thing or two about the beauty of bubbly, and they’d like to share a taste of it with you.

This club, delivered quarterly, offers members the option to pick from three tiers: Classic (3 bottles), Fancy (4 bottles) or Extra Fancy (6 bottles). Each shipment is curated around a unique tasting theme and includes information to better acquaint you with the bottles and producers, taking you on your own “tour de Champagne” with every box. 

Try It! fatcork, starting at $199 per allocation  

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For Those in Need of Some Skin Contact

Let’s face it: We could all use some skin contact right about now. In the wine world, skin-contact refers to leaving the grape to ferment with its skin on (which is how reds and some rosés get their color); when done with white grapes, it can create an amber-colored wine, which is referred to as orange wine.

Orange Glou, founded by natural wine sommelier Doreen Winkler, is the world’s first and only club devoted to skin-contact wine, featuring exclusive and highly allocated orange wines from around the world. Shipments include 3 or 6 bottles along with extensive tasting and food pairing notes every month.

Try It! Orange Glou, starting at $105 per shipment

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For Those Who Want to Support Social Change With Their Shipment

Woman-Owned Wineries features — you guessed it — wineries owned by women. With only 400 of the 4,000 wineries in California led by female winemakers, women are extremely underrepresented in the industry. A mere 4% of those women own a wine brand, compared to 57% of men, according to WOW — and they’re determined to change that. 

What began as a spotlight on the women shaking up the Sonoma region has grown to highlight the work being done by women in the wine industry nationwide, from Washington to Texas. In addition to monthly deliveries of 3 ethically-farmed wines, selected from a different featured winery each month, shipments tell the story of the wines and their makers, transporting you straight to the vineyard with every sip and working to bridge the gender-entrepreneurial gap. Now that’s a ‘WOW’-worthy wine club. 

Try It! Woman-Owned Wineries, $92 per month

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For Those Who Want to Expand Their Palate

Based out of Brooklyn’s beloved Leon & Son Wine Shop, Leon Circle is a monthly wine club that is sure to help you find your new favorite wines — and to better understand why you love them. They’re on a mission to “demystify wine drinking,” providing you with the language and the tools (and, naturally, the delicious vino) to get more out of every glass.

Each month’s shipment features three bottles that the shop’s owner, Chris Leon, can’t get enough of, along with tasting notes, why that wine is worth drinking, and where to find more like it. 

Try It! Leon Circle, $75 per month

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For Those Seeking a Curated Experience

Winc begins with a one-minute survey to gauge your flavor profile: How do you take your coffee? Do you like mushrooms? Armed with these details, the subscription service sends you 4 bottles curated around your particular palate each month. 

With over 100 wines created and curated by this California-based winery on offer, there’s something for everyone’s palate — and the more feedback you give after each shipment, the better they’re able to tailor the next one to your taste. The best part? On the off-chance you don’t like a bottle they select, they’ll replace it with a new one free of charge. Oh, and they offer 50% off your first order — so what are you waiting for? 

Try It! Winc, starting at $59.95 per month

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For Those Who’d Like to Imbibe on Keto

Wonderful Wine Co isn’t technically a wine club — it allows you to purchase 3, 6, or 12-packs on a one-off basis — but we’re pretty sure you’ll be coming back monthly of your own accord, thanks to their delightful packaging and (most importantly) the good stuff bottled up inside. With a low sugar and low carb red, white and rosé up for grabs (not to mention a limited-edition orange wine, available as part of their pre-sale), these keto-and-paleo-and-vegan-friendly wines make sure everyone can raise a glass, sans guilt. 

Try It! Wonderful Wine Co, starting at $60 per pack 

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For Those Who Want Wines They Can’t Get Anywhere Else

As a wine club and online wine retailer, MYSA Natural Wine connects wine drinkers to winemakers as seamlessly and affordably as possible. This two-person operation focuses on small, local winemakers from around the globe and is the only U.S. representative for many of their makers. 

Mysa allows you to customize your shipment with 3, 6, or 12 bottles, at a frequency of every one, two, or three months. Each shipment comes with a custom-card that provides tasting and pairing notes, as well as background on the winemakers. 

Try It! Mysa Natural Wine Club, starting at $84.95 per month

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For Those Who Want to Restock Their Go-Tos is the perfect fit for those who already know what they like and simply want more of it. Think of it as the digital equivalent of hitting up your local wine store — except that you’re supporting independent winemakers and saving up to 60% off retail cost in the process.

Members — who earn “Angel” status upon signing up — invest $40 into their online “piggy bank” each month, which in turn uses to invest in independent winemakers, cutting out the middleman and providing Angels access to their favorite wines at a fraction of the cost. That $40 — which, let’s face it, we probably all spend on wine each month already — is then put towards your choice of 6+ bottles per shipment, whenever you want it. As an added thank-you for your support, Angels also get a bonus bottle every month. 

Try It!, starting at $40 per month

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For Those Who Miss Wine Tastings

Restaurants and vineyards may not be open for wine tastings just yet, but you can still bring the experience home with Vinebox. Delivered in punchy patterned boxes, these quarterly shipments are sure to brighten up your day. Rather than committing to a bottle you’ve never tried before, Vinebox allows you to try nine new wines by the glass, each conveniently portioned out for you. Members earn credits that can be used to purchase full-size bottles of any favorites they discover along the way. 

Try It! Vinebox, $79 per shipment

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