Is it cheaper to shop at Lidl or Aldi? Comparing seven grocery essentials

As the cost of living continues to eat up our budgets, choosing to shop in Aldi or Lidl can save cash compared to the more expensive supermarkets.

Just be prepared for a lot of unfamiliar brand names and for some high-speed packing at the checkout. Plus, depending on where you live, a queue for the car park.

But you do get the joys of the Middle of Lidl or Aldi’s ‘Specialbuys’ – meaning you often come out with something you didn’t know you wanted. Foot massager, anyone?

That said, with the cost of milk, butter and cheese rocketing by up to 30% earlier this year, there’s never been a better time to shop around.

But is Aldi cheaper than Lidi or vice versa when it comes to essential goods? Or do they work out about the same? Who wins the battle of the bargains?

Here’s what you need to know.

Which is cheaper – Aldi or Lidl?

All prices are correct at the time of publishing.

A pint of milk

So when you’re making your fifth coffee of the day, is that dairy milk you’re glugging into it cheaper in Aldi or Lidl?

Both supermarkets charge the same for a pint of milk – 95p.

Aldi’s Cowbelle whole milk is priced exactly the same as a pint of Lidl’s whole Dairy Manor.

A loaf of bread

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We’ve all done it – come home starving and eaten half a loaf of toast. But which supermarket is cheaper when it comes to bread?

An 800g Rowan Bakery, soft, medium-sliced white loaf costs 79p in Lidl. That’s the same price as Aldi’s 800g Village Bakery loaf.

Both supermarkets also offer an 800g, low-cost, basic medium sliced white loaf – Lidl’s Simply Medium Sliced and Aldi’s Everyday Essentials loaf. Both are 39p.

Cheddar cheese

Whether you’re grating it, melting it or tucking in straight from the pack, how much is a jumbo 400g block of mild Cheddar?

Expect to pay £2.79 in Aldi for its Emporium British Mild Cheddar.

Lidl, however, is 10p cheaper – a 400g block of its Valley Spire British Mild Cheddar is £2.69.


They’re an essential ingredient in many baking recipes, and often a staple part of a vegetarian diet.

In Aldi you’ll pay £1.29 for it’s Merevale pack of six medium eggs.

Meanwhile, in Lidl, its Woodcote six medium eggs are 10p cheaper – at £1.19.


Pasta is a staple ingredient when you’re whipping up a low-cost dinner, especially for vegans.

A 500g pack of Lidl’s Simply Penne pasta is 41p.

That’s the same price as Aldi’s Everyday Essentials Penne Pasta.

Tea Bags

Tea, glorious tea.

If tea bags are on your shopping list, they’ll set you back £1.09 in Aldi for a pack of 80 Diplomat Gold Label tea bags.

Over in Lidl, you can pick up its Knightsbridge Gold Blend Tea 80 Pack for the same price.

Sliced ham

So, you’re saving money by making ham sandwiches rather than forking out in the nearest Pret.

In Lidl, you can pick up 115g of Birchwood Cooked/Honey Ham Slices for 79p.

That’s the same as Aldi’s 115g slices of Ashfields Cooked Ham.

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So overall, based on a basket of the items above, and the prices at the time of publishing, Lidl is slightly cheaper.

But obviously, prices aren’t set in stone and do change.

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