Krispy Kreme offering free doughnuts to celebrate 83rd birthday

Half a dozen things you didn’t know about doughnuts

Did you know there are actually two National Doughnut Days? Or that Emily Post issued rules on dunking? We’ve sorted through the Internet to find six of the tastiest facts you might not know about doughnuts.

It’s Krispy Kreme’s birthday and it can give away free doughnuts if it wants to.


The beloved doughnut chain is turning 83 this Friday and wants to share the love – by awarding customers with the ultimate sugar high: a BOGO dozen box of doughnuts.

"Chula Vista, USA – May 11, 2011: Studio shot of an instantly recognizeable Krispy Kreme Doughnuts box filled with an assortment of delicous doughnuts."

On July 17, fans can sate their sweet craving by heading to a nearby outpost of the octogenarian doughnuterie and ordering a dozen of your favorite kind of doughnuts. In return, you’ll get your own box as well as a free dozen Original Glazed. Sharing not required.

Like all birthdays, the promotion will only run for one day. Meaning, you might want to schedule your pick-up early.

The BOGO offer is available via drive-thru or pick-up.

And doughnut forget to wish them a Happy Birthday when you’re there.

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