Le Creuset Is Having a Flash Sale & Lots of Items Are Under $10

Buying a piece of Le Creuset cookware is a milestone in your adult life. You’ve graduated from cheaper cookware products and are ready for an investment piece that will last a lifetime. The only catch? That investment piece will cost you a pretty penny — or a whole lot of pretty pennies. Le Creuset cookware pieces are known for being top quality but you’ll probably have to save up for that sturdy piece of cookware before you can purchase. Unless that is, your favorite cookware company happens to have an online flash sale where lots of items are up to 50% off and that’s exactly what Le Creuset is doing.

Le Creuset is hosting its first-ever factory to table online flash sale and you guys, the deals are so, so good. That classic Dutch oven that Le Creuset is famous for will only set you back $93! The sale also includes lots of amazing products like a Moroccan Tagine (one of Chrissy Teigen’s favorites), casserole dishes, bowls ramekins and tons of items that are less than $10. Here are some of our favorite picks.

Dutch Oven

A classic piece of equipment that no kitchen is complete without.

Pie Bird

Ever wondered why your grandma’s pies turned out so much better than yours? She probably used a pie bird.

Loaf pan

Teabag holder

When will you ever be able to say you bought a piece of Le Creuset for under $5?!

French Press

We’re all making coffee at home a lot more these days so we highly suggest purchasing a French Press for a truly cafe-like experience at home.

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