Martha Stewart’s Creamy Pasta Recipe Uses 3 Types of Cheese & Is So Easy to Make

Pasta and cheese is a more iconic duo than PB&J. The only thing better than its heavenly taste? How easy it is to make! Martha Stewart just posted a creamy pasta recipe that uses three types of cheese (yum!) — and will be ready in just 35 minutes. Good food plus an easy recipe is dinner goals, am I right?

Stewart posted a video of this cheesy baked tortellini recipe on Instagram April 18. It gives an overview of how to make the pasta and shows the finished product at the end, which just looks so good. It would pair perfectly with a side salad and a glass of wine.

“In this easy, cheesy pasta bake, tortellini is briefly cooked and then tossed with fresh spinach and a super-quick homemade turkey ragu,” she captioned the video.

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The Creamy Baked Tortellini with Spinach recipe, which was originally published in Martha Stewart Living in December 2021, requires three types of cheese: Parmigiano-Reggiano, cheese tortellini, and cream cheese. Other ingredients include spinach, ground turkey, marinara sauce, panko breadcrumbs, and more.

To make, start by stirring panko, Parmigiano, and a few other ingredients in a bowl. Then, boil the tortellini and drain. Cook the turkey in an ovenproof skillet and add marinara, cream cheese and other ingredients. Add tortellini and spinach, and top with the panko mixture. Bake for a few minutes, then serve. It’s so flavorful and easy to make, not to mention the fresh spinach and ground turkey makes it healthier than traditional baked tortellini.

Get the full recipe for Stewart’s Creamy Baked Tortellini with Spinach recipe here.

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