Mum shares how she makes 15 different meals for less than £15 with Aldi chicken

A thrifty mum has shared how she makes her Aldi chicken go further.

The Australian woman revealed a hack that involves turning a few low-cost birds into 15 different meals – all for less than £15.

She executes this incredible trick by diving up the chickens into kilos of mince, wings and Marylands (which consist of the thigh with the drumstick attached), and using the additional parts for soup stock.

What’s more, if the meat is popped in the freezer it will keep for months – so there’s no need to eat it all at once.

Posting in the Aldi Mums Facebook group, she wrote: ‘Five chickens today, averaged $5.25 (£2.97).’

She goes on to explain how to prepare the birds, writing: ‘Cut them up into 10 Marylands, 2kg wings, 2kg minced chicken and five carcasses for stock when the weather cools.

‘All labelled and in the freezer now. So fresh and I firmly believe it’s the best way to buy chickens. From Aldi of course.’

According to the mum, the juicy chicken breasts are great for creating mince – something that takes just a few minutes. 

She added: ‘Took the skin off first. I’ve got an old fashioned mincer and got my husband to turn the handle. Took about 5 minutes.

‘If you bought two kilos of chicken mince it would cost you $25 (£14) alone.’

So there are incredible savings to be had.

Other people in the group were quick to comment on her savvy antics.

One individual said: ‘This is a much smarter way of doing it.’

While another wrote: ‘This is a great way to budget.’

Someone else added: ‘Such a good idea. I love it.’

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