Nick Jonas Didn't Want to Let Priyanka Chopra Down in Hot Wing Challenge: 'She Loves Spicy Food'

The Jonas Brothers kicked off the ninth season of First We Feast’s Hot Ones on Thursday, becoming the first trio to ever take the table. With 10 wings and 10 hot sauces of increasing intensity behind them, we can officially say that the experience had the boys—in typical Jo Bros fashion—”Burnin’ Up” (sorry, we had to do it).

Making the media rounds as they promote four major projects as a newly reunited band—a memoir, a documentary, an upcoming album (titled Happiness Begins) and a reunion tour—the boys took to the screen to tackle some “hot questions, and even hotter wings,” which just happens to be the show’s tagline. Sean Evans, host of the web series, asked the brothers questions about everything from the group therapy needed to bring the band back together to the best place to find a hot dog in their home state of New Jersey (spoiler alert, they agree that it’s Rut’s Hut in Clifton.)


A lot of tea is spilled throughout the episode (above), including Nick Jonas suggesting that John Mayer copied the chorus from their song Love Bug, Joe Jonas admitting that he has to use a teleprompter to remember some of the band’s old songs and Kevin Jonas discussing being subpoenaed about a scandal surrounding the video game FIFA. The entire episode is 27 minutes and 30 seconds long, and it’s entertaining through and through.

About five minutes into the episode, approaching a hot sauce called Shaquanda’s Hot Pepper Sauce with a Scoville level of 10,100, Nick tells Evans, “I had a pep talk before this with my wife,” referring to actress Priyanka Chopra. “She said, ‘Don’t let me down,’” he continued. “She loves spicy food.”

He then pulled his phone out of his pocket and said, “I’m just going to take a picture to send her, so she knows what we’re up against,” before taking an overhead shot of the plates of wings and bottles of hot sauce on the table.

“Tell her to come on the show while you’re at it,” Evans told Nick, who promised he would. Joe then chimed in, saying, “She would probably crush anyone that comes on here, her spice tolerance is insane.”

In 2016, Chopra challenged talk show host Jimmy Fallon to a hot wing-eating contest, seeing who could eat more wings smothered in “nuclear” hot sauce in 20 seconds. Chopra swept Fallon three wings to one without batting an eye, telling him, “I’m Indian, it’s all about the spice.”

Unlike Nick’s better half, the Jonas Brothers collectively struggled to get all 10 of their wings down, with many glasses of milk being guzzled to try to battle the heat. Ultimately, though, they made it to the summit.

Kevin took the spice the hardest. His eyes were bright red and tearing up to the point that Nick remarked, “You look crazy man. You’re going to be a meme.” Kevin replied, “Great. Again.”

We’ll be waiting patiently for the meme-ing to commence, and for Happiness Begins, which drops June 7.  

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