Northerners create chippy tea pizza to fulfill all your takeaway cravings in one

You get home from work, can’t be bothered to cook, and now face a near-impossible decision.

Do you want pizza? Fish and chips? A Chinese?

One bar is here (well, up North) to help.

Up in Manchester, Crazy Pedro’s bar is serving up what they’re calling a chippy tea pizza – a dish that fulfills (nearly) all your takeaway cravings in one dish.

You’ve got a 16 inch pizza base to tick off your need for pizza, topped with chip shop chips, sausages, mushy peas, curry sauce.

There’s no battered mars bar, cod, or kebab on there, but we still reckon this pizza answers most drunken night needs. That’s handy, considering this particular item is sold until 4am.

Marketing manager and proud Northerner Nick Coupland, 28, from Salford, said: ‘It is pretty much a classic northern dish – fish and chips and curry sauce and mushy peas.

‘I think initially the northern credentials were the reason this pizza did well, but after that was just because people tried it.

‘Now it is one of our most popular items, it goes down really well.

‘It is comfort food, we are the only place that serves pizza like this until 4am in the morning, and it is just what you want at 3.30am.

‘But at first, we did have people come up and say ‘we’re not sure what it is’, or asking how the mushy pea base would work as that is pretty unusual.’

Crazy Pedro’s, which has two branches in Manchester and one in Liverpool, first brought the chippy pizza into being last year on their specials menu.

The original plan was to have it available on rotation but it became so popular that an uproar started on social media demanding it back when it was taken off the list, so now it’s a permanent fixture.

The pizza, which contains more than 2,000 calories, costs £16 – or just £10 during happy hour. Bargain.

Nick has plans to launch more mashup meals, including vegan options. Watch this space.

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