People are accusing M&S of 'gentrifying scraps' by selling batter bits for £1.05

If you don’t know the joy of scraps, you’re missing out.

They’re a bonus treat from the chippy, made up of little bits of fried batter; oily, greasy, and crunchy, to be dug out from the bottom of a paper bag and eaten with your fingers.

You might also know this particular delicacy as scrumps, batter bits, gribbles, scramptions, or dubs.

Usually, you’d get scraps from your nearest fish and chips shop… but now if you’re really in need of the joy of scraps, you can get a pot for £1.05 from Marks & Spencer.

But people aren’t all too pleased with M&S’s latest addition to their range, accusing the brand of ‘gentrifying’ scraps by selling them for ‘one pound sodding five’.

Foodie Twitter account Well This Is New first shared the product, writing: ‘Chip Shop Scraps!’ along with a drooling face emoji.

The reaction was… mixed, to put it gently.

A tweet from Natasha Wynarczyk, reading ‘can’t believe they’ve gentrified scraps’, has been retweeted more than 2,000 times and been flooded with responses from people with a general vibe of ‘back in my day, we didn’t have to go to M&S to get our scraps’.

One critic wrote: ‘What is wrong with the bloody world when they package and sell scraps.’

Another said: ‘£1.05! Ridiculous. A scrap butty was a standard snack in the summer in Hartlepool after being out on our bikes all day.

‘We’d park up in the doorway “got any scraps?” Then we’d dump our bikes on the pavement, hand over 15p (for the bun, scraps were free) and then… go in the back alley to munch it. Then it was time to go home for tea.’

‘Launched as part of our new Chip Shop range, they’ve definitely got the nation talking and we’re now looking forward to hearing how customers across the whole of the UK are enjoying theirs.’

We can’t sensibly suggest sprinkling scraps on everything you eat, but we can’t recommend you don’t do that, either, as it would likely be delicious.

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