People are making Percy Pig McFlurries and they look delicious

A McDonald’s McFlurry is a staple.

Whether your flavour of choice is Smarties, Oreos or any of the special editions on the menu, it is a firm foodie favourite.

However, some are taking the beloved treat into their own hands and adding a personal touch.

One such twist is the brainchild of TikTok user @melika_zaidi who added a sweet treat adored by the masses.

And what treat is that? Marks & Spencer Percy Pigs.

In a video posted to her account, Melika shared footage of her driving to a McDonald’s drive-through.

She tells users ‘you need a plain McFlurry.’

Melika takes both non-flavoured McFlurries, makes a hollow in each, and pours a good dollop of Percy Pig dessert sauce before mixing thoroughly.

Next, she adds classic Percy Pig sweets and Phizzy Pigtails for taste and decoration.

And finally, she splashes on more of the sauce for ‘aesthetics’ adding that the final result is ’10/10′ and a ‘must try.’

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Those in the comments were seriously impressed by the newest take on a McFlurry.

‘Omg I need,’ wrote one viewer.

‘I want to try this,’ said another.

And Percy Pig McFlurries aren’t the only McDonald’s food hacks that Melika has on her page.

In another clip the food enthusiast purchases both a banana milkshake and espresso and mixes them together to make a thick iced coffee refreshment.

Reply to @theluxeweddingco here you go! #trythis #mcdonaldshack #mcdonaldsdrivethru #mcdonalds #milkshake #28xtremes #JDPassItOn #NeverJustAGame #oh

Meanwhile, for those who prefer savoury options, Melika advises her followers to order a Big Mac and mozzarella sticks.

Simply place the sticks inside the burger for an extra cheesy and delicious McDonald’s feast.

All three are now firmly on our ‘must try’ list.

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