Pret cuts prices on coffees, food and other treats

Missed your Pret coffee during lockdown?

Well the good news is that they’re open again and from today, it will cost less.

The chain has announced that they will cut prices on food and drink for both eat-in and take away.

It’s all because VAT drops from 20% to 5% from today, Wednesday 15 July, following an announcement by Rishi Sunak in last weeks mini budget.

Posting on social media, Pret said: ‘We’re passing back temporary VAT savings to our lovely customers. So over the next few days you’ll notice lower prices on your favourite coffees, hot food and a few other treats. Cheers!’

Of course, prices can vary slightly between stores and eating in and take away prices are different but it effectively means 15% off.

For example, a takeaway latte will now cost £2.40 instead of £2.75 and an eat-in tuna mayo baguette will be reduced from £3.60 to £3.15.

Pret stores are now reopen for takeaway or delivery and many are now allowing customers to eat-in, with social distancing measures in place.

Sadly, they also announced earlier this month that 30 stores would have to close because of the economic impact of the crisis.

Pret isn’t the only chain to cut prices with the new temporary VAT measures.

McDonald’s has also announced that they will pass the cuts onto customers.

Extra Value Meals will be 40p cheaper, while Happy Meals will have 30p off.

There will also be 20p off McNuggets, Big Macs, Quarter Pounders with cheese, Filet O’Fish, the McChicken sandwich and the Veggie Deluxe.

For breakfast fans, there’s a 30p price drop for McMuffins and 50p price drop for breakfast meals.

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