Rebel Wilson Just Posted New Photos Of Herself Looking Amazing In A Blue Dress

  • Rebel Wilson declared 2020 her “year of health” on Instagram and shared her specific goals.
  • The actress is aiming for a goal weight of 165 lbs by the end of 2020 and also wants to get one of her movies into production.
  • Rebel has been working out with trainer Jono Castano, and admits it requires “daily effort.”

Earlier this year, Rebel Wilson shared that this is her “year of health” and she’s been posting photos and status updates on Instagram to keep us updated ever since.

On Monday, Rebel showed off a series of pics of herself in a gorgeous purple-blue dress. Rebel pointed out in the caption that she was glammed up, doing press for her the Australian comedy show LOL: Last One Laughing, which premieres on Amazon Prime on June 19.In the pics, Rebel can be seen working it for the camera while posing in what appears to be a hotel room.

Rebel, 40, looks super happy, and people definitely noticed in the comments. “Gorgeous!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍,” her Pitch Perfect co-star Chrissie Fit wrote. “Jaw drop 🔥,” said fellow Pitch Perfect star Brittany Snow. (Apparently the PP cast is all about supporting each other.) Plenty of people wanted to know where Rebel got her dress (same) and there were fire emojis for days.

Rebel also shared a photo from a Vogue Australia shoot last week, where she looks ridiculously gorgeous. In it, she’s wearing a black net dress with a bodysuit underneath, and a calm expression on her face. The overall look is straight fire.

Rebel didn’t mention it in either caption, but she’s clearly still working toward her health goals. She shared earlier this year that she’s trying to reach her goal weight of 165 pounds by the end of the year.

Rebel has been very open about her goals on social media. The Bridesmaids actress shared earlier this year that her progress hasn’t been easy, but it’s paying off.

She wrote in the caption: “Even if you have to crawl towards your goals, keep going x it will be worth it. Try and give a little bit of effort each day…I know some days are frustrating as hell, you feel like giving up, you get annoyed at the lack of progress…but good things are coming your way 🤘what are your goals this year?”

Rebel got specific with her weight-loss and career goals, too. She wrote: “I’ll be honest with you guys – with my ‘Year of Health’ mission I’m trying to get to 75kg’s and career wise am trying to get one of my movies into production before the end of the year! Both of these things are requiring a daily effort and there’s constant set backs – but I’m working hard x” (FYI 75 kg is roughly 165 lbs.)

Rebel has also been working out with trainer Jono Castano seven days a week. (She’s not kidding about working hard.) Judging by her recent stair sprints and bouts with battle ropes, it seems like she’s a fan of high-intensity interval training.

Rebel’s healthier 2020 started back in January with simply walking more and making some smart food swaps. “Okay so for me 2020 is going to be called ‘The Year of Health,'” she declared on Instagram,”So I put on the athleisure and went out for a walk, deliberately hydrating on the couch right now and trying to avoid the sugar and junk food which is going to be hard after the holidays I’ve just had but I’m going to do it!”

Earlier this year, she stole the show at the BAFTAs and wowed fans at the Oscars, with many commenting on her apparent weight-loss. Throughout the awards circuit, she looked strong and glowy. (A few sparkly dresses helped her shine bright, too.)

Rebel previously said she accidentally lost weight while shooting Cats, because filmmakers heated the set to sauna-like conditions, so the professional dancers wouldn’t pull any muscles while performing the high-intensity dance sequences. “I lost eight pounds, shooting my number, in four days,” Rebel said. “One, because there’s a lot of physicalities… but also, they heated up the set very high, to almost 100 [degrees] Fahrenheit, so that we could never cool down.”

Kudos to Rebel and her inspiring “year of health.”

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