Supreme Is Releasing Their Branded Oreo Cookies Online So You Won't Have to Wait on a Long Line to Buy Them

Update: After Supreme temporarily closed all of its stores in the United States, United Kingdom, and France amid the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, the streetwear company announced in an Instagram post that their limited-edition, branded Oreos will be released online starting March 26.

The highly anticipated red cookies were modeled by the anonymous Instagram celebrity Breadfaceblog. They are said to come in packs of three and will retail for $3. You can find them on the Supreme website.

Judging by how quickly the company’s products usually sell out, though, we wouldn’t count on there being a surplus of cookies available.

If you’ve ever spotted a Supreme store in real life, you’ve also probably seen the outrageously long lines of people wrapped around the block waiting to get their hands on the limited-edition gear offered inside.

Fans of the expensive streetwear brand wait hours in those lines, and some have even flown in from out of state and camped out in front of one of Supreme’s 11 stores just to purchase a $2,600 secondhand jacket. While the practice may seem mystifying to many, the company just released a limited-edition product that appeals to the masses: Oreos.

Yes, Supreme announced on Monday a pack of limited-edition Oreo cookies with the brand’s logo baked in. A representative for Oreo confirmed its existence to PEOPLE.

Each $8 package contains three red Double Stuf Oreos with the Supreme logo located where you would normally see the word Oreo.

The company, known more for their skateboarding clothes than desserts, revealed its Spring/Summer 2020 accessories line on Monday and the deep red cookie immediately caught the attention of basically everyone who knows what’s good. Other items in the accessories line include a Supreme-branded 32-oz. Nalgene bottle, a set of two Heller mugs, and even a box of Ziploc bags. There are also non-food-related items in the collection, including a 1995 BMX Dirtbike, a transparent lock, and a glow-in-the-dark Zippo.

According to the New York Post, the entire SS20 line, including the cookies, will hit stores on Thursday, Feb. 20. There’s also an online drop set for next week on Feb. 27.

The official Oreo Twitter account as well as @TheSupremeSaint tweeted a photo of the limited-edition snack, along with news about the rest of the items in the new collection. The tweet has already garnered more than 58,000 likes and 16,000 retweets, and many in the comments section were immediately intrigued.

One person joked, “But will it make my poop red,” while another commented, “[I]m] gonna be buying the whole stock and not eat them.” Other users played on the notoriously high cost of Supreme products and replied, “No one’s paying $250 for some Oreos.”

One person even tweeted a photo of someone using a fork and knife to eat a plain Oreo to demonstrate how they’d be handling the branded snack.

Despite the very recent announcement, some eagle-eyed Oreo fans spotted the red treat last summer. One Reddit user “leaked” a photo of the Supreme cookie six months ago and said, “Any idea if there was ever any legitimacy to this photograph?”

Most commenters questioned the legitimacy of the post and brushed it off as fake, noting that it would be easy to make the cookie with a 3D printer. “This is wild if it’s real,” one Redditer replied. “Hype cookies, I never thought I’d see the day.”

Another wrote, “Isn’t it weird there’s no packaging or anything? Like how the f–k would you get an Oreo without any kind of packaging?”

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Oreo is also releasing a number of other flavors in the coming months. Their upcoming Tiramisu flavor will be hitting shelves in April for a limited time, and they feature a two-layer tiramisu-flavored creme — most likely the traditional vanilla creme and a coffee creme — to create a seriously delicious dessert.

They will also be releasing red, white and blue Team USA cookies ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games this July. A representative for the cookie company confirmed to PEOPLE in early February that “Oreo will have even more for fans to enjoy ahead of the 2020 Games.” You’ll need to stay tuned to find out just exactly what they mean.

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