The perfect combination? These cheese chocolate truffles just launched

Can’t decide between sweet or savoury? Why not have both.

Forget after dinner mints, how about cheese chocolate truffles for a palette-cleanser.

Yes, the combo admittedly seems weird, but at the risk of sounding cheesy, it’s tickling our taste buds.

These cheesy chocolate balls feature a cream cheese ganache filling with a dash of booze, which is encased in a luxurious milk chocolate truffle shell.

It’s also hand decorated with dark chocolate to deliver a delicious bitter twist at the end.

Did we mention James Cadbury (yes, the great-great-great grandson of the original Mr Cadbury) is behind the invention.

James’s brand Love Cocoa is releasing the cheese chocolate truffles as a limited edition item, which comes in the brand’s 100% plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging.

While the cheese and chocolate combo may seem like an odd one, it’s actually a well-known pairing in both cheese and chocolate tasting circles and Love Cocoa says the truffles go particularly well with a light-bodied rioja.

James Cadbury said: ‘We wanted to create a more playful product in the run-up to Christmas, but one that was still luxurious in flavour.

‘After years developing moreish chocolate here at Love Cocoa, we know that one of the greatest flavour pairings is an addictive mix of salty and sweet notes.

‘With these Cheese Chocolate Truffles we were keen to push flavour norms further than the usual “sprinkle of sea salt”, and have spent months carefully tweaking the nuances between the distinct cheese note and the rich chocolate shell.

‘We know that Love Cocoa consumers are receptive to trying new products with interesting flavour twists and we think the new truffles will be a big hit.’

Fancy giving them a go?

To try this seemingly odd but deliciously tasty combo, buy Love Cocoa’s Cheese Chocolate Truffles for £13.50 here.

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