The UK's most vegan-friendly city revealed – and it's not London

London certainly isn’t running short of vegan cafes, bakeries and restaurants, with new sites popping up every week.

But it seems the capital could be doing more to accommodate plant-based eaters, according to a new study.

The report examined the number of searches for the term ‘vegan and vegetarian restaurants’ for several major cities, and cross referenced them with the number of meat-free restaurants per area.

But the results are somewhat surprising.

The research found that Norwich scooped top place for the most vegan-friendly city in the UK, with 2,094 people in the city per vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

It was a good turnout for Scotland too, with Edinburgh and Glasgow placing second and third place, with 2,631 and 3,000 people per restaurant respectively – regardless of the fact that 100% of Edinburgh residents stated they would never go completely meat-free.

Cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Newcastle all placed in the top ten and – despite its rich culinary scene – London fell short, placing at number 11. Seaside resort Brighton failed to make the list at all.

Impressively, 40% of Mancunians surveyed said they visited vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city at least once a week. Bristolians followed close behind at 20%.

Results also showed a fifth of the Southampton residents surveyed identified as vegan or vegetarian but the remaining 80% admitted they never visited meat-free restaurants.

While cities such as London and Brighton failed to secure a top ten spot, it’s worth noting that the sample size of the survey was only 1,000 people. 

Here’s the full list of the UK’s top 10 vegetarian/vegan-friendly cities, according to the survey:

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