These are the best barbecue cities in 2021, new report finds

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The search for the best barbecue cities continues. 

Ahead of the Fourth of July, a new study has claimed to find the best American cities for barbecue. 

Kansas City, Missouri, took the top spot, according to the report released Wednesday by lawn care company LawnStarter

That’s mostly because Kansas City has “far more winners in the World Series of Barbecue contests and the second-highest number of national excellence awards,” the report says. 

Kansas City, Missouri, took the top spot, according to the report from LawnSmart.

However, those weren’t the only categories that LawnStarter used for its ranking. The company analyzed the 199 largest U.S. cities based on 14 metrics within three categories: access to barbecue, quality of barbecue and barbecue-related events.

Some of those specific metrics included barbecue restaurants per 100,000 residents, median consumer rating for barbecue restaurants, median consumer rating for smokehouses and whether or not the cities have hosted barbecue competitions or festivals.


Though Kansas City took the top spot in the overall ranking, the LawnSmart report pointed out that the city didn’t rank well on access to barbecue restaurants.

A new study has reportedly found the best barbecue cities in America ahead of the Fourth of July weekend. 

To see the rest of the overall ranking, here are the best barbecue cities in 2021, according to LawnSmart. 

Top 10 Barbecue Cities in America

1. Kansas City, Missouri

2. Chicago

3. Houston

4. Cincinnati

5. Memphis, Tennessee

6. Louisville, Kentucky

7. St. Louis

8. New York

9. Minneapolis

10. Overland Park, Kansas

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