This Bride Had a Surprise Ina Garten-Themed Bachelorette Party — and Ina Wants In!

Barefoot Contessa fans take note: if you throw an Ina Garten-themed party, make sure to invite the celebrity chef herself!

Over the weekend, bride-to-be Nicole Garvey shared a silly photo from her bachelorette bash in Long Island, N.Y., which involved having nearly the whole party dress up like Garten, complete with bobbed wigs and chambray shirts.

For an extra laugh, Garvey’s sister dressed up like Garten’s husband Jeffrey and another guest came as florist Michael Grimm, who frequently appears on Garten’s television show.

Giving the photo her seal of approval, Garten re-posted the image to her own Instagram account, jokingly asking why she wasn’t invited.

“Had to share this hilarious bachelorette party in Sag Harbor over the weekend!! Where was my invitation? I would have fit right in!” she wrote.

And Garten wasn’t the only celebrity who wanted in on the bash — Jennifer Garner did too! Garner proclaimed it was “the best thing I’ve ever seen,” in an interaction highlighted by Instagram account Comments by Celebs.

“How was I not invited?!!” she added.

Opening up about how the bash came to be, Garvey tells PEOPLE that her sister Jessica Garvey and best friend Tanya Qureshi were responsible for coming up with the unique theme.

“They came up with the idea because I’m such a huge fan,” she shares, adding that the festivities took place near where Garten lives in East Hampton, N.Y.

“They had the whole group buy wigs and the classic chambray shirts. My sister dressed up as Jeffrey and at the last minute they also decided to add Michael which was hilarious,” she says.

To make the bash even more festive, Garvey and her pals were treated to a feast of all Garten’s classic meals prepared by a catering company.

“It was a total surprise,” Garvey adds. “They led me outside blindfolded and started playing the Barefoot Contessa theme music from the show and we’re all standing around the table.”

Garvey was even surprised with a special edition Garten’s latest cookbook, Cook Like a Pro, but with her own face printed on it.

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Although Garten wasn’t invited to Garvey’s bachelorette bash, the celebrity chef is more than welcome at her wedding this summer, which will take place on July 20.

“It goes without saying that Ina and Jeffrey are welcome at the wedding in Newport, Rhode Island,” she says.

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