This Wine Theme Park and Museum Is a Vino Lover's Dream

Wine lovers, break out that bucket list — La Cité du Vin is your next must-see spot.

If you’ve ever found yourself taking in a day at the amusement park and thinking your trip would be much improved with a bottle of white or red (or perhaps rosé instead) by your side, look no further than this destination in Bordeaux, France.

La Cité du Vin, which translates to The City of Wine, opened in 2016 and is a vino lover’s dream come true.

Any question you’ve ever had about the drink will certainly be answered in one of the destination’s 20 different themed areas that feature various immersive exhibitions to teach you all about wine production across the globe (not just in Bordeaux!).


Take, for example, the virtual helicopter ride that “soars” over 20 winemaking regions in 17 countries, or the simulated boat ride that’ll teach you how wine merchants transported their precious cargo back in the day.

There’s also the Belvedere, which offers visitors a 360-degree panoramic view of Bordeaux, which visitors can enjoy along with — of course — a wine tasting.

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If that wasn’t enough, La Cité du Vin offers tasting workshops on how to pair things like chocolate and cheese with wine, and guided tours, a retail shop, and a theater.

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La Cité, which sits on the west bank of the Garonne river, cost $90 million to build, and was designed by architects to resemble “the swirl in a wine glass,” according to the BBC.

Ticket prices vary, but start around $23, and include a glass of wine.

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