TikTok chef makes mashed potato out of crisps and people are horrified

When TikTokker Eli woke up recently, he chose to inflict chaos.

The content creator, who is self-described as ‘the most evil chef’, has come up with an atrocity – mashed potato made from crisps.

The chef, who has a cooking channel – Eli’s Kitchen – made their ‘signature cheesy mashed potatoes’ by melting Lay’s crisps (which we call Walkers in the UK).

For reasons unknown, Eli melted the crisps in water before adding cheese and seasoning.

And just for kicks, Eli then drank a shot of the cooking liquid.

Their video understandably horrified viewers, receiving more than 700,000 views.

More than 11,000 comments were left on the clip, with viewers expressing their disdain at the whole thing.

Would it have been so difficult to have just gone for instant mash, Eli?

signature cheesey mashed potatoes

♬ original sound – Eli

In the clip, Eli begins by boiling water and adding several packets of Lay’s crisps into it.

Once the crisps look like they’re melted, Eli drains them, saving the water to drink later.

Then, the chef puts it back on the hob, adding in paprika and grated cheese, before taking a spoonful of the melted concoction.

The comments left on the clip are as you would expect.

One person wrote: ‘This feels illegal to watch’ which more than 39,000 people agreed with, liking the comment.

Others said things such as: ‘This should be a war crime’, ‘I’m terrified’, and ‘please go buy actual potatoes, they’re not even that expensive’.

A third added: ‘No video has caused me more pain than this’.

Others simply had questions. ‘Hey, man, are you okay?’ asked one meanwhile another said: ‘Aren’t we going to talk about drinking the potato water?’

One person added: ‘Yes the recipe is mad, but can we talk about the chaotic character that would choose to purchase snack-sized packs to do this and not a normal size?’

If all that’s got you feeling squeemish, you definitely don’t want to see Eli’s sweetened condensed meat.

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