Top It Shields Cakes From Germs Spread From Blowing Out Candles

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, life, as we know it, has needed to adapt to reduce transmission chances between one another. Looking to help maintain some of the things we took for granted, Florida dentist Billy Kay created the Top It Cake Shield to ensure we can blow out birthday candles without spreading germs to friends and family.

Top It is a patent-pending cake shield that protects party-goers of all ages from chances of contamination from blowing out candles. The act of blowing out birthday candles reportedly increases the number of germs you’re spreading by a staggering 1400 percent.

The thoughtfully designed clear protector is crafted of food-safe, flame resistant and eco-friendly plastic with candle-shaped notches at the top. Utilizing Top It’s proprietary track system, the noteches can shift so that candles can securely be placed on top of cakes.

Priced at $15 and $5 USD, the Cake Shield is available now in Rectangular, Round and Slice size options on Top It’s website.

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Light’em up, blow’em out, & have peace of mind. @fashionambitionist celebrating another year around the sun with @topitcakeshield ?

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