Woman shares easy hack to keep bread sealed and fresh on TikTok

A woman has shared an easy storage hack to keep bread fresh and sealed tight.

Many people use clips or twist ties to seal up the bag their bread comes in, but this trick eliminates the need for any extra tools.

Emily Arnold, who posts under the username emilyyyarn, shared a short video on TikTok, showing exactly how to do it.

The clip shows her twisting the top of a half empty loaf of bread bag tightly, so that no air can get in.

To keep it tightly sealed, she then folds the open end down over the twist and the loaf.

The caption over the whole clip reads: ‘I was today years old when I learned this from my friend.’

Emily, who works as an ER nurse according to her bio, ends the video by mouthing ‘What?’ at the camera, showing her own surprise at the trick.

The video has received 3.2million views so far and over 183,000 likes.

Plenty of commenters have shared how impressed they are with the hack, with one writing: ‘I learn more from TikTok than any classes I’ve ever taken in school,’ while another simply wrote: ‘Mind blown.’

Others expressed their surprise that this method isn’t more well-known, with one commenter saying: ‘You guys haven’t done this your whole life?’

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