You can now buy a chocolate 'stock' cube to add to meals

Our kitchen cupboards are home to some culinary life-savers – the humble stock cube being one of them.

Whether it’s thrown into a stew, a bolognese or a gravy, those handy little blocks are minimal fuss with maximum flavour

But what if we told you the classic cube now comes with a twist.

Knorr, in collaboration with chocolatier Cox & Co, has just unveiled a choc cube – AKA, a chocolate ‘stock’ cube.

But before you recoil in horror – there’s actually some logic to the new launch. After all, lots of people add chocolate to savoury dishes – such as chilli con carne, Mexican mole sauce and more.

Made with 71% cacao and sea salt, these choc cubes claim to boast a ‘bold and punchy taste’ that can be used to add richness to a variety of everyday favourites.

They also function in a similar way to savoury stock cubes: so they can either be dissolved directly into the dishes (for a punchier taste), or mixed with a little water to dilute them.

Plus, if the reviews are anything to go by, home chefs won’t be left disappointed – as the cubes have received four and five stars so far.

Each 60g pack, now available to buy online for £2, contains six individual cubes.

It’s also worth pointing out these are limited edition – so they won’t be around forever.

Commenting on the launch, Gavin Cox, the founder of Cox & Co, said: ‘The Choc Cubes are a perfect way to demonstrate the versatility of chocolate and show Brits how chocolate can be more than just a “sweet treat”, as the ingredient provides a solution to adding subtle and rich flavours into home-cooked meals.’

In other bizarre food news, earlier this week KFC in South Korea launched a blue mint chocolate dipping sauce for chicken.

A great solution for those who like to dip their chips in their milkshake – Wendy’s style.

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