14 homeware brands that will help make your space more planet-friendly

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Shop sustainably this spring with these 14 homeware brands.

Many of us are becoming more conscious of how and where we shop these days. At a time when we have to be more mindful of everything from how we travel to where we shop, it’s clear to see there is a greater focus on living in a thoughtful and sustainable manner – and this is filtering through to our homeware.

Whether it’s candles, vases, bedding or lighting, various brands are creating homeware with an ethical mission statement that we can get behind and are allowing us to furnish our home in style and with purpose.

Here, we’ve picked out some of our favourite sustainable homeware brands to help make your house a greener place to be. 

  • Liga eco dishclothes – fish and wave

    Sustainable homeware: Liga eco dishclothes fish & wave

    Liga is a family business passionate about drawing inspiration from nature to design eco homeware using only sustainable materials – and these 100% compostable dishcloths are one of its standout products.

    A great alternative to plastic sponges and brushes, the cloths are great for those looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle while featuring an eye-catching design that will proudly stand out in your kitchen. 

    Shop Liga eco dishclothes – fish & wave, £7.50


  • Petra Palumbo wildflower jug

    Sustainable homeware: Petra Palumbo wildflower jug

    Take your tablescaping to the next level with Petra Palumbo – with sustainability at the core. 

    Petra Palumbo’s creations began with the signature and now-cult handpainted carafe and tumbler set that was originally introduced as a stylish alternative to plastic bottles and continues to flourish with a wide selection of sustainable homewares – including this wildflower jug, made of sustainable glass that will perfectly house fresh flowers or look great on display.

    Shop Petra Palumbo wildflower jug, £100


  • furn. wander 100% recycled cushion blush

    Sustainable homeware: furn. wander 100% recycled cushion blush

    Add a contemporary touch to your home with this abstract cushion, from furn. –  a brand that designs cushion covers using sustainable, 100% recycled polyester.

    Shop furn. wander 100% recycled cushion blush, £13


  • Tabitha Eve cotton rope storage bowls

    Sustainable homeware: Tabitha Eve cotton rope storage bowls

    Tabitha Eve is a brand known for creating plastic-free alternative products from ethically sourced fabrics.

    The brand’s unique cotton fruit bowls are an example of this, featuring a stylish minimalist design that was handmade from 100% cotton rope in the UK.

    Shop Tabitha Eve cotton rope storage bowls at Eco-Ness, £29.95


  • Zan + Me ceramic tumbler

    Sustainable homeware: Zan + Me ceramic tumbler

    Zan + Me is an eco-friendly business with a no-waste policy at its core. The brand uses clay and glazes that are recycled and even the kiln is powered by solar energy.

    The brand designs a unique range of ceramics, including these tumblers that were crafted by hand and hand-thrown from fine stoneware clay and coated with Zan + Me’s own food-safe glazes.

    Shop Zan + Me ceramic tumbler at Wearth London, £19


  • Kalinko Anita lampshade

    Sustainable homeware: Kalinko Anita lamp shade

    Kalinko is a sustainable homeware brand, handmade in Burma, that works closely with makers to combine techniques and patterns with the brand’s designs. 

    One of its latest collaborations, with interior stylist and blogger Emma Jane Palin, features a range of eco-friendly 70s inspired designs – including this Anita lampshade, which was handwoven in Burma’s Pathein region and features an amber glass base.

    Shop Kalinko Anita lamp shade, £95


  • Mela eucalyptus silk duvet cover

    Sustainable homeware: Mela eucalyptus silk duvet cover

    Putting wellbeing first, Mela is a brand that creates the highest quality home goods with the aim of improving your wellbeing, from reducing anxiety and stress to improving sleep and skin.

    This silk duvet cover is made of  100% eucalyptus silk, which was harvested from regenerative forests in Austria and the Czech Republic. 

    It’s also hypoallergenic and made from one of the softest fabrics you’ll ever touch, helping you to get a good night’s sleep.

    Shop Mela eucalyptus silk duvet cover, £119


  • Nordic House rattan wrap tealight holder set

    Sustainable homeware: Nordic House rattan wrap tealight holder set

    Your candles will glint and glimmer beautifully in these Nordic House glass tealight holders, which have a rattan wrap on the outside and a reflective recycled glass surface inside.

    Shop Nordic House rattan wrap tealight holder set, £13


  • Green Island wooden soap dish

    Sustainable homeware: Green Island wooden soap dish

    Green Island is a brand creating a stylish, high quality and reasonably priced range of products that will help people make the switch to a more plastic-free life – and these soap dishes are just one of the products you need in your life.

    Each dish is made from FSC-certified beechwood and allows water to easily drain away, which in turn helps the soap last longer.

    Shop Green Island wooden soap dish, £6.95


  • Kalicrame modern wall hanging with neon accent

    Sustainable homeware: Kalicrame modern wall hanging with neon accent

    This wall hanging is designed by Kalicrame – a London based brand with a love for macrame and uses recycled cotton, driftwood and metal pipes through its products. 

    The hanging is made with recycled cotton rope and an added touch of neon and copper pipe gives it a modern look that will look great in any room.

    Shop Kalicrame modern wall hanging with neon accent, £55


  • Zero Waste Club reusable coffee filter

    Sustainable homeware: Zero Waste Club reusable coffee filter

    Switch to a reusable coffee filter, like this one from Zero Waste Club. It’s made of food-grade stainless steel that keeps your drink free from the odour and taste of metal.

    Shop Zero Waste Club reusable coffee filter, £14.99


  • Neon cactus double-walled coffee cup

    Sustainable homeware: Neon Cactusdouble walled coffee cup

    Neon Kactus was founded in 2018 in a bid to create a reusable cup that encapsulated, style, design and performance in order to encourage others to ditch the disposable.

    This double-walled coffee cup is a perfect example of the brand’s sustainability efforts, creating a design that is durable, recyclable and keeps your drink at the perfect temperature. Oh, and it comes in a fun flamingo-pink hue too.

    Shop Neon Cactusdouble walled coffee cup, £13.99


  • Bobbi Beck Gelato bauhaus geometric wallpaper

    Sustainable homeware: Bobbi Beck Gelato bauhaus geometric wallpaper

    Printed wallpaper is having a comeback and you can get in on the trend in a sustainable way with Bobbi Beck.

    The brand is all about creating premium wallpaper that doesn’t damage the planet, with a selection of bold designs that are 100% PVC-free with water-based non-toxic inks – like this geometric design.

    All packaging is also 100% plastic-free and fully recyclable.

    Shop Bobbi Beck Gelato bauhaus geometric wallpaper, £66 per roll


  • Natural Collection organic cotton guest towel

    Sustainable homeware: Natural Collection organic cotton guest towel

    Take your towel game to the next level with this cotton guest towel in a striking turquoise hue from Natural Collection.

    The towel is manufactured using twisted yarns, which are compact spun to improve the quality and life period of the towels.

    Shop Natural Collection organic cotton guest towel, £4.95


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