7 plants that thrive in bright light to decorate your windowsill

Looking for an easy way to decorate your windowsill? These plants will thrive in the bright, direct sunlight this space offers – and they happen to look pretty great, too.

If you’re a plant lover whose only available space is on their windowsill, you’ll know how hard it can be to buy new plants for your home. Take a look through any plant shops catalogue and you’ll see what we mean – many of the most popular plants available these days require ‘indirect’ or ‘filtered’ light.

While some windowsills do afford indirect light depending on the time of day, some will expose your plants to direct sunlight, which can be detrimental to plants which originate from forest-like areas, where they’re used to growing in dappled or shaded areas.

However, while the windowsill may not suit all plants, there are some plants which will love this spot. Although you’ll have to make sure they don’t get too hot during the summer months, many plants will thrive under the bright, direct sunlight they’ll find near the window.  

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And since windowsills tend to end up as wasted space, using plants to brighten them up is a great way to decorate your home without encroaching on your living space.

So, whether you’re looking to invest in some new plants or want to find out which plants in your collection can live on your windowsill, keep scrolling to read our edit of the best plants that thrive in bright light.  

  • Aloe Vera

    Windowsill Plants: The Stem Aloe Vera.

    The aloe vera plant enjoys basking in bright, direct light, so it’ll absolutely love living on your windowsill. It’s notoriously easy to look after, too – on top of making sure it gets lots of sunlight, you’ll only need to water it when the topsoil dries out.

    This plant also grows quickly, so you won’t have to wait long to reap the benefits of your efforts. You can even use the gel-like substance that comes from its leaves to soothe minor cuts and burns. 

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  • Spiral Cactus

    Windowsill Plants: Conservatory Archives Spiral Cactus.

    This weird and wonderful cactus is sure to make an eye-catching addition to any windowsill display.

    It’ll only need watering when the soil is 100% dried out (with reduced waterings during autumn and winter), so you won’t need to worry about it too much, either. 

    Shop Spiral Cactus at Conservatory Archives, £15


  • Queen Victoria Agave

    Windowsill Plants: Prick Queen Victoria Agave.

    Recognisable for its fleshy, dark green leaves with their cartoonish white trims, the Queen Victoria agave is a hardy succulent that loves lots of sun.

    They’re pretty hard to kill because they’re drought resistant and only need watering every one to two weeks, so they make a perfect option for beginners.

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  • African Milk Tree

    Windowsill Plants: Hutch Houseplants African Milk Tree.

    This eye-catching succulent was recently named one of the most popular houseplants for 2021, so it’s sure to make a great addition to your windowsill collection.

    Water this plant when the soil has completely dried out to keep its deep red foliage looking its best.

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  • White Bird Of Paradise

    Windowsill Plants: Happy Houseplants White Bird Of Paradise.

    You’ll typically see large versions of the white bird of paradise used as a statement plant in modern interior design, but a younger version of this plant would look great on a windowsill.

    It’s native to South Africa where the weather is warm and arid, so it’ll love a dry, sunny spot like the windowsill. To keep the white bird of paradise happy, water when the top of the soil is dry and wipe its leaves every few weeks to remove dust (that’ll help it soak up more of the sun!).  

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  • Golden Barrel

    Windowsill Plants: House Of Kato Golden Barrel.

    This beautiful sphere-shaped cactus loves the sun, so it’ll thrive in the bright light and warmth of a windowsill.

    It’s also another low-maintenance option for beginners or those who struggle to keep their plants alive – you can let the soil dry out completely between waterings.

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  • Pickle Plant

    Windowsill Plants: Hutch Houseplants Pickle Plant.

    If you’re looking for a plant that’ll really steal the show, look no further than the eye-catching pickle plant.

    It’s long, pencil-like stems will love soaking up the sun on your windowsill and it only needs watering once the soil has completely dried out. It’s also drought tolerant, so if you forget to water it every once in a while, it won’t mind.

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