‘A real sense of grandeur’: How to make a small garden look bigger with garden furniture

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How can you use furniture to make your garden appear and feel bigger? The most important thing, experts say, is to have a clear idea of what you want to do in your garden. “When you have a small garden, you must ensure you know exactly what you want to use your garden for, similar to how you would design rooms in your house for specific uses,” Jonny Brierley, a furniture expert, told Express.co.uk.

The CEO of Moda Furnishings told readers to focus on storage to increase space in the garden.

He said: “Storage and multifunctionality are the two key elements that all outdoor furniture for small gardens should have.”

There are a number of stylish ways to increase storage in your garden.

You could create a chic set of garden shelves from an old ladder.

The expert also suggested furniture with a particular function to make the garden feel bigger.

Alan Titchmarsh on 'creating depth' in a small garden

He said: “Furniture that interlocks when not in use is a great option to limit the footprint of the furniture, allowing you to use your garden for other activities.”

Think, too, about buying furniture that can be used in multiple different ways to increase the potential of your garden.

A garden storage bench can be used as a table or a seat, as well as a way to tidy up garden items.

Jonny said: “You can ‘unravel’ the furniture for a real sense of grandeur for dining or entertaining.

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“Versatility is key in small gardens as you need to be able to get as much as possible out of your space.”

The garden is just as important as the interior of your home, the expert said.

He told readers: “Styling your outdoor space should require much the same level of consideration as indoor styling.

“Think about layering patterns, colours and materials to create a setting that is personal to you and your style.”

The furniture expert suggested one type of furniture in particular for the garden, a stylish option on the rise in popularity.

Jonny said: “Rattan outdoor furniture can have both a modern feel if styled with monochrome accessories or a more traditional feel if styled with rustic throws and cushions.

“As with your interior scheme, this styling should express your individuality.”

Rattan furniture is made from a woven vine, and is durable but light, making it a popular option.

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She explained to readers how they can “bring a new energy” to the garden.

Tash Bradley is Director of Interior Design for Lick and a colour expert.

The paint expert said: “When painting exterior garden walls, consider them as an extension of the rooms you are in.”

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