‘Best’ low maintenance flowers to plant this spring ready for summer

Garden expert shows off her stunning spring garden

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Now is the perfect time to start planting ready for summer with plenty of summer-flowering bulbs available to plant. If you’re new to gardening and want to create an oasis of flowers and plants this summer without spending hours caring for your plants, look no further. The green-fingered experts at Baycroft have shared the five best low-maintenance flowers to plant for a splash of colour in your garden.

1. Dahlias

Dahlias are stunning plants that bees and pollinators love. They come in a range of bright colours such as reds, pinks, purples, oranges and yellows.

You can plant dahlias in a number of ways – either in large potting containers or in beds and borders.

Planting conditions

The experts said: “Dahlias are fairly easy to look after but thrive best in well-drained soil in a warm and sunny spot that’s sheltered from the wind.

“As dahlias are not particularly hardy when it comes to winter, it’s best to dig up the tubers (tuberous root) and keep them indoors in a greenhouse or shed for the frostier months.”

Best time to plant

The best time to plant dahlias is in mid-April to early June once the risk of frost has passed.

Care tips

Dahlias need deadheading regularly in order to continue blooming and flowering.

2. Lilies

Lilies are popular plants that come in a range of varieties from Asiatic lilies to oriental lilies. The plants have a stunning appearance and a delicately sweet scent.

Planting conditions

The experts said: “Oriental lilies are better planted in containers as they bloom better in acidic soils, whilst Asiatic lilies thrive better in alkaline soil, making them a better option for the borders of your garden.

“Lilies in general benefit from being positioned in the sun, however, they can still grow in areas of light shade.”

Best time to plant

If you want summer-flowering lilies, you will need to plant them no later than April so they plant at the right time.

Care tips

Lilies are relatively low maintenance but they do need good support as some can grow to be six feet tall. Pet owners need to be aware that lilies are extremely poisonous to pets so should be planted out of harm’s way.

3. Sunflowers

This is a popular flower that’s perfect for planting with kids into containers and borders. The flower also attracts lots of wildlife from bees to birds and can add a real pop of colour to a dull patio.

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Planting conditions

As their name suggests, sunflowers thrive in direct sunlight. They also like well-drained soil and shelter from the wind.

Best time to plant

Plant sunflowers outdoors from late April or early May when the soil has dried out and warmed up after the winter months.

Sunflowers can be planted now (March) but need to be sown indoors.

Care tips

Sunflowers require regular watering to keep them hydrated and feeding with tomato feed to boost their growth.

4. Begonias

Begonias are low maintenance and brightly coloured, making them perfect for UK gardens.

Unlike other flowering plants, begonias thrive in shadier conditions.

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The experts said: “The ideal growing conditions for a begonia is to get the morning sun and the afternoon shade, planted in a place sheltered from the wind.

“Light, fertile and well-drained soil is also essential for your begonia to bloom beautifully.”

Best time to plant

Begonias are best planted in late spring when temperatures have warmed up and there’s no frost.

Care tips

Plant them away from direct sunlight and anywhere that gets too hot during the day.

5. Daisies

Daisies are perfect for summer gardens as they add a splash of white amongst a whole host of colourful plants and are very low maintenance. Some of the most popular varieties include the Bellis Perennis and the Gerbera Daisy.

Planting conditions

Daisies like fertile, fast-draining soil with plenty of access to sun and lots of water.

Best time to plant

Daisies can be planted in early spring when temperatures are increasing and there’s more sunlight.

Care tips

Daisies need watering in the morning to allow the soil to dry out throughout the day and prevent it from becoming too moist.

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