Carol Klein details ‘absolutely magical’ flower bed at Aberglasney House and Gardens

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Renowned gardener Carol Klein has decided to embark on another eye-opening journey across the country where she will be visiting some of Great Britain’s most impressive gardens over a 12-month period. Episode one of the show saw Carol visit Aberglasney House and Gardens, in Carmarthenshire, Wales. The beautiful gardens offer unique plant combinations that can thrive in one of the wettest environments in the UK.

Carol spoke to head gardener at Aberglasney, Joseph Atkin, about the garden’s incredible transformation.

Just twenty-five years ago, the gardens and house were in a state of disrepair with crumbling walls, dense vegetation and broken windows.

Joseph helped transform the neglected space into beautiful grounds with a kitchen garden, herbaceous borders and banks of wildflower meadows.

Carol found herself engrossed in the grounds’ history and the imaginative and unique planting found in the gardens today.

Carol was especially wowed by a bed she came across that had been filled with beautiful wildflowers.

She said: “Way back in the spring, this whole bed was crammed full of brilliantly coloured tulips.

“That normally would be followed by some sort of formal bedding.

“You know the kind of thing, the sort of thing you see in parks.

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“Well, Joseph has broken all the rules.

“He’s really gone for it because in this bed he has employed a completely new and innovative idea.

“This is ammi majus (bellwort), the other is ammi visnaga (Bishop’s weed) which is taller, but with the same great tumbles of fluffy, tiny white flowers.

“And he’s married them with gaura (beeblossom) this gorgeous plant.”

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All the flowers in the bed are white with splashes of purple.

The purple flowers are heliotropes and verbena which also exude a fruity, citrus scent.

Carol continued: “Woven right the way through the centre of everything is this soft, soft grass – hordeum jubatum (foxtail barley).

“Raised from seed it’s an annual and is really, really easy and straightforward.

“I just think it’s absolutely magical.”

Aberglasney gardens is also home to the world’s first and only ninfarium, a cloister garden and an ancient yew tunnel.

Throughout the series, Carol also learned lots of plant and garden tips for both amateur and experienced gardeners.

Carol Klein’s Great British Gardens airs at 7pm on November 11 on Channel 5

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