Four methods to remove moss and ‘stubborn marks’ from patios

Gardening tips: How to remove moss on drives and patios

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There’s nothing worse than stepping out into your garden after a long winter to find your balcony, patio and paving covered in moss. Moss usually builds up during a particularly wet period in a shady or humid area. The plant can also grow if there’s poor drainage in an area.

While it may look damaging, moss doesn’t actually harm the surface it grows on and is a natural part of your garden.

With this in mind, Fiona Jenkins at, the UK’s leading trades matching site has shared her methods for removing moss from a patios exclusively with

1. Removing moss using baking soda

Baking soda, also known as bicarbonate of soda, is a natural cleaning product that can be found at the back of most people’s cupboards.

The product can be used to clean ovens, unclog drains and clean microwaves and costs less than 60p.

Baking soda also “works well” on moss, however, it works best on dry days, according to Fiona.

She told “Sprinkle some baking soda over the affected area and leave it overnight. Then, sweep away the remnants the next day.”

Duzzit Baking Soda costs £1.29 from Savers and Stockwell & Co. Bicarbonate Of Soda costs 59p from Tesco.

2. Removing moss using a pressure washer

Pressure washers are a great option for removing moss without resorting to chemicals.

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To use a pressure washer, spray the affected areas with high-pressure water using your pressure washer.

Fiona added: “This is a great way to blast away the moss and is also a great way to clean your paving.”

3. Remove moss using boiling water

Boiling water is another natural option for removing moss without buying chemicals – and it costs nothing as long as you own a kettle.

Carefully pour boiling water over the affected area, being sure to cover every part of the moss.

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Then, you need to scrub the area with a stiff broom or a handheld brush.

Once the moss has loosened, use a hose to wash away the debris.

4. Removing stubborn moss marks

Even after removing moss, you might find there are “stubborn marks” on your paving, patios or driveways.

To remove stubborn marks, you can use water and another cupboard item – white vinegar.

White vinegar can be bought from B&Q for just £2 and from Asda for just 99p.

Fiona suggested creating a mixture of half vinegar and half water.

Place the mixture in a spray bottle so that you can easily spread the mixture across the entire area.

Once sprayed, allow the mixture to sit for a while. Then, scrub the area with a stiff brush before hosing the area off.

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