Four ‘simple’ methods to protect your garden from 70mph winds

MET Office name 'Storm Otto' as winds to hit Friday

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The Met Office has forecasted that 70mph winds will sweep across parts of the UK this weekend as Storm Otto continues to hit the nation. So far, wind speeds of more than 60mph have been recorded with Cairngorm mountain recording speeds of 120mph.

The storm has caused public transport chaos as well as damage to buildings due to fallen trees.

High winds and storms can also cause a plethora of problems in our gardens with plant leaves being shredded, flowers being torn off, shrubs being uprooted and furniture getting knocked over.

With this in mind, garden building specialist Tiger has provided four key tips for keeping garden buildings and furniture safe.

Sam Jenkinson, garden expert at Tiger said these “simple tips” will help you protect not only your garden buildings and furniture but your home’s exterior from any extreme weather as well.

1. Bring smaller items inside

First, start by bringing smaller and moveable items such as plant pots, bird feeders or decorative accessories like lanterns inside to avoid the risk of them getting blown away by the wind.

When there are exceptionally high winds, garden accessories can get carried into other people’s gardens.

Sam added: “If you have a garden shed or log cabin, you can utilise them as storage spaces over the weekend to house these loose garden items to avoid filling your house with clutter.”

2. Anchor garden buildings and secure the roof

For areas with more extreme warnings, anchor garden buildings to keep them safe and conduct a roof check for extra security.

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Sam explained: “Ground anchors are a more long-term solution that you should consider if you live in an area prone to high wind.

“For a quick fix, source some breezeblocks place in the for corners of a building, using as many as you feel necessary depending on its size and weight.

“Remember to also ensure that roof felt and fascia boards are tight and secure.”

3. Clamp down furniture covers

Over the winter months, garden furniture should be covered to protect it from the elements.

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However, protective sheets like tarpaulin can easily get lifted by the wind and carried away.

Sam suggested: “Make sure that the sheets are oversized to allow for room to clamp down with any bricks you have laying around in the garden or garage.

“Consider using rope or cable ties too to keep all areas of the furniture tightly covered.”

4. Move bins to sheltered areas or build a store

Outdoor bins are flight-risk items in high wind but for obvious reasons, no one wants to bring these indoors.

Sam’s solution is to put them in a sheltered part of the garden or re-locate the bins when wind speeds are high.

The expert added: “Look for areas with trees, hedges and bushes or narrow passages down the side or behind a shed where you can slot them in safely.

“For a more permanent solution, build a bin store to give them a home that will protect them from the elements all year round.”

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