Gardening: Charlie Dimmock shares ‘inexpensive’ way to grow ‘lots of plants’

Charlie Dimmock shares advice on planting seeds in 2011

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Gardening expert Charlie Dimmock will be appearing on Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh on ITV today. Alan and Charlie used to work together on a show called Ground Force between 1997 and 2005. Charlie, who is also a TV presenter, has also appeared on The Joy of Gardening, Charlie’s Garden Army and most recently, Garden Rescue.

In a 2011 video for GardeningDirect, Charlie shared an “inexpensive” way to get loads of plants.

The gardening expert also shared her advice for sowing seeds.

She said: “Seeds are a really good way of getting lots of plants inexpensively.

“You’re either going to be sowing them directly outside or indoors.

“The reason for sowing them indoors is they might not be hardy or you want to get a head start.”

When gardeners buy seeds, they come in lots of different sizes.

The size of the seed, will dictate how you treat it.

Charlie explained: “When you buy your seeds, you’ll find that they come in all sizes.

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“You will either get very large ones, small ones or ones that just look like powder and you treat them in different ways.

“When you’re sowing big seeds, it’s easiest just to sow them directly into a pot.

“I’m going to be using these pots here which are fibre pots, and they’re great because they actually degrade in the ground.

“This means that you don’t have to repot the plants so you get no root disturbance.

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“You’ll put one or two seeds per pot and it’s really just a case of pushing them in deep enough depending on what it says on the back of the packet – and firming that soil down.”

Charlie said when planting seeds, gardeners need to label up the pots.

If you don’t, you could forget which seed is in a certain pot and care for it incorrectly.

Charlie recommended using a pencil when labelling up.

She said: “When you’re sowing seeds, you really must use a proper seed compost and always label them up.

“One little tip is I always use a pencil to label with because pencil doesn’t fade out and you can always reuse the labels.

“When it comes to cleaning them, the easiest way to clean them is just putting them in the compost like that and rubbing and that rubs all the writing off.”

Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh airs at 10am on ITV

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