Gardening expert shares how to plant bare root rose for a ‘fantastic display’ next summer

Gardening: How to plant a bare root rose

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Bare root roses can actually start to be planted in late autumn when the leaves begin to fall. They can then be planted from late winter through to early spring when they will resume growing. It’s best not to plant them into frozen ground though.

If you plant roses correctly now, you could end up with a well-established beautiful rose bush that will give you stunning blooms year after year.

Philip Harkness, an award-winning rose breeder, shared how to plant a bare root rose.

He told Homebase UK in 2014 what steps to take when planting a bare root rose.

Philip said: “First important thing is don’t let it dry out so dunk stems quickly in water then soak the roots.

“About a minute should be plenty.

“Then you’ve got a nice wet rose that’s ready for planting.

“The first thing you do is you make sure there are no bits that need trimming off.”

The rose expert cut off damaged and weak stems from the dormant plant.

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Next, the expert said to find the point where the rose was “grafted”.

This will act as a guide for your soil level.

He added: “Make a hole in the bottom of your compost, spread the roots out and then we can top that up with compost.”

Philip said you will want the plant to be “fairly central” in the pot as well as “fairly upright”.

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The gardening pro said you can start planting bare root roses from October to March.

He said: “You can do this any time between October and March and then in June you’ll have rose in flower if you look after it.

“Looking after it means watering it and in a pot obviously you have to water it after you’ve planted it.

“You don’t need to keep it too wet over winter but in the summer it needs to be watered on a daily basis.

“If it’s hot you need to use insecticide to keep the insects off.

“The other thing you need to do is to prune it.

“In March you have to prune it right down.”

The rose pro said you will need to cut it from where the soil level is to the length of your index finger in March.

This will ensure you have a nice bushy plant and you’ll have a “fantastic display on your patio”.

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